The Secret Tape Leaked




The hits just keep on coming. For the past 2 years we’ve been hearing “Russia Collusion” sprinkled with a bit of “Secret Sexual Activity” and a few hundred “Impeachment’s” thrown in when the news want to tell America about our President Trump. Isn’t that convenient?

We’re all familiar with the saga of “Stormy” and Donald Trump and the $200,000 non-story it turned into even though the President paid in an attempt to prevent it from being made public in an attempt to discredit him and it still was “leaked” to the press.

The latest “Secret Tape” is a recording that was done by his long time lawyer Michael Cohen, and HIS former Clinton lawyer who “leaked” it to the press with his own spin on the contents of the tape. I always thought that lawyer-client privilege was a sacred, but I always thought it was illegal to record another person without their knowledge and/or consent?

This is just another evolution in the “Russian Collusion” investigation that has identified Cohen as having legal ties to President Trump, and after putting “the screws” to him in order to get Cohen to turn on the President. Guess what – It worked!

The essence of the tape is that 2 months before the election Donald Trump and Michael Cohen talked about a non-story coming out in the National Enquirer (an event in 2006 that Trump denied happening) and the need to pay to keep in from being printed. Cohen wanted to use cash and Trump said no – check (to keep in traceable and above board).

Rich and famous people are always getting someone “digging for gold” and using any means to get them to part with their money. Now the media is spinning a tail of “Campaign Finance Laws” may have been broken? Not true, unless Trump used campaign funds to pay off this story. How exactly would that happen when a billionaire has enough of his own money to offer to buy the publishing firm? That didn’t happen either.

Now this is what lawyers say is “fruit of the poison tree” = evidence obtained from other evidence that is either bad or obtained erroneously. (Lawyer tapes his unknowing client, gets caught in a legal vice and gives it up to get a lighter sentence.) And since it’s a result of an investigation which began with phony evidence to obtain a FISA Warrant the entire process is suspect to begin with. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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