It’s Still About Russia – Pompao Hearing


It’s Still About Russia

Today as I watched the hearing with Secretary of State Pompao it became clear that Democrats in Congress seem to make little sense out of their actions, conduct and speech when it is directed towards President Trump.

I watched as a number of the members of Congress who made up the panel have expressed real issues in their eyes, but fail to take appropriate action to get the results they desire.

While Democrats as a rule are refusing to meet with President Trumps pick for the SCOTUS, and they want nothing to do with any of his policy decisions unless maybe he calls them personally and ask their permission?

Secretary Pompao was asked, “What did the president tell you about the 2 hour discussion with Putin?” When Pompao said basically that was privileged discussion and I won’t divulge its contents, but to say that US Policy toward Russia has not changed.” The Democrats kept saying, “The American people have a right to know what was said!” and “According to Russian news releases that say the DOD and the President are constantly at odds” over this, that and such and such. Then they ask Pompao what is the administration’s response?

Clearly they lack understanding to ask the Secretary of State concerning matters of the Trump Administration with questions that would be better directed to President Trump, or when requesting a DOD response, when he has told them to ask the DOD. These questions constantly surfacing in my mind are, “Have you asked the President?” or “Have you asked the Secretary of Defense?” One member said she has asked various administration officials and government leaders but nobody can tell her what was actually said in the Helsinki Summit. Again I say, ask the President!

It seems like a petty congressional committee who has vast responsibility when it comes to national defense, but lacks the wisdom to ask President Trump to share what was discussed. But keep in mind that when negotiating neither party wants to divulge privileged information that may prevent further progress in the negotiation process. Several questions dealt with the Singapore Summit. The committee wanted to know if North Korea was given clear definitive guidelines and definitions as they pertain to the US position on denuclearization. My question is did they not get the memo? Did they not see or read the signed agreement? Did they not hear the clear articulation on TV by Secretary Pompao that the agreement was the complete, total, and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula?

It would be so much easier for them if they would strike down the delay and resistance tactics of the Congress and begin a closer dialog with President Trump and his administration. The committee chastised the president for taking the word of our adversary Putin over the words of US intelligence officials who have done so much to hinder the president. The same is true of a Congress that publicly telegraphs their open and blatant distrust for President Trump over every issue or decision he makes and calls him out as destroying our nation in the eyes of other world leaders, when it is they who are in fact attempting to destroy by giving the world and the nation an impression of discord, not unity.

There was much frustration and anger over private talks between Trump and Putin, and praise over NATO and the president calling for a more balanced approach for NATO funding by member states to prevent Russia from getting anything over on the US. The committee paid more attention on the propaganda reports from Russian intelligence, than they did to anything that President Trump has said about North Korea, Russia or China. Secretary Pompao took pains to clarify to the committee differences by past administrations policies and those of the Trump administration. He also let the committee know that US policy has not changed, neither have sanctions been lifted against Russia and that he was not the “answer man” for all the questions that were presented to him today.

Did any of the committee stop to think that the United States is only one member state of NATO, as is the Russian Federation? So if NATO consists of allies of the US, why are China and Russia two of today’s NATO member states? Talk about a conflict of interest of global proportions.

My advice to the committee is this, during negotiations there are times when you don’t need sensitive information leaked to CNN or any other news source. There is a need to know and at the right time those who need will know. So the next time there are closed door sessions of Congress or interviews and questioning of individuals, why not just open the door and invite radio, television and internet news into the proceedings? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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