Respond to NW or NM with Silence


Respond to Nasty Woman or Nasty Man With Silence

Have you noticed that when a new “personality” makes an appearance on the scene the quickest way to become known is to use vulgar and obscene tweets, threats or write articles that demean supporters of President Trump? They must take great pleasure in hearing themselves trashed on Twitter and Facebook. It really doesn’t take long once you let out a nasty woman or a nasty man tweet that makes light or fun of the president, his family, the WH staff or his Administration. When a NW or NM deliberately start a firestorm (sorry California, no pun intended) and within a few moments have all the conservative talking heads blasting their name all over the place.

It has been said that copying is a form of flattery and that being said these NW and NM are emulating Donald Trump to the “enth” degree. When DJT opens his mouth, loosens his keyboard or sneezes the media is all over it in a heartbeat. It works so well because he is really reaching American’s nationwide and the MSM and FNN are beside themselves because they have been left out once again.

So when the New York Times hires a bimbo who slams everyone she is not, take a chill pill and let it slide. You read it right, leave it alone. When the Washington Post published what amounts to trashy reporting and it’s directed at the president or his followers, let it lie. And when CNN’s star WH reporter begins whining and sniveling over having his feelings hurt, let him like his wounds in silence.

In my opinion the best way to deal with those who show their true ignorance is to let the sleeping dogs lie. It is a counter-2-resistance in silence (C2RinS). When they are ignored long enough they may find that their terrible-two’s tantrum is no longer gaining the notoriety they anticipated and wipe their own noses.

It has also been said that the squeaking wheel gets the grease. Well in this case the squeaking wheel gets burnt out instead. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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