The Politics of Donald J. Trump

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The Politics of Donald J. Trump

Since the 2015 – 2016 Campaign Cycle began Donald J. Trump has captured the attention of the main stream media through his insistent Tweeting and packing campaign events and venues nationwide. What began as some assumed a publicity stunt has gained momentum and is now a full-fledged movement to take back America for the common people of the flyover nation.

Almost immediately after winning the office of President of the United States and even before officially occupying the White House Donald Trump began rolling back the foot print of Barack Obama. Calling for an overhaul of US Immigration laws by Congress and the president called for funding of a border wall along our southern border with Mexico and a zero tolerance policy for unlawful crossings by illegal immigrants. The entire immigration crisis has been created by the unconstitutional executive order by Barack Obama which is called DACA opening floodgates of illegal immigration into the United States. Attempts to let DACA die a slow death have been challenged in federal court where a federal judge has basically ordered the president to keep this executive order alive. Giving Congress a mandate to fix DACA, the congress has chosen rather to ignore the mandate and attempt to hold the president responsible.

President Trump has begun repealing and replacing over reaching regulations and mandates which have stifled the economy under the previous 8 years of an Obama’s presidency. Followed by creating an environment where the US job market returned to American soil and applying tariffs on goods manufactured elsewhere and sold in America. Reestablishing factories where American steel is once again dominant in US production. Opening up fracking and drilling of oil, completing the pipeline and introducing American oil to be sold on the world market. The unemployment rate has been reduced to an unheard of level, as have the rolls of welfare recipients. Employment is higher than it’s been since World War II and the economy is looking better day by day.

America’s foreign policy became “America First”, placing American interests ahead of the interests of other countries. President Trump began calling out the G20 and G7, the United Nations and even NATO over practices which took advantage of and relied on the financial support of the United States over other countries. Next came our allies, who were told that fair and reciprocal tariffs are now required when trading with and for American goods and will lead to zero tariffs between the United States and other countries.

Next came negotiating with a longtime adversary seeking and reaching specific agreements such as the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula signed by Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Donald J. Trump at the Singapore Summit which has had immediate and unexpected results with the release of Americans held in North Korea and the return of the remains of American servicemen lost during the Korean War almost 70 years ago, as the process for a total and verifiable denuclearization of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has begun.

Negotiations began with a NATO ally whom the president called our competitor when President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation met with President Trump at the Helsinki Summit where he warned of Russian interference in US elections would not be tolerated and that American oil would underprice Russian oil from the Crimea to the European Union.

The successes of Donald Trump can be attributed to setting obtainable goals, maintaining his extreme focus on results while ignoring the organized resist and delay tactics of certain members of Congress.

The main stream media and online social trolls continue to misinform and mislead the American public.

America is presently in an Uncivil War that threatens to usurp the authority of the President of the United States and prevent him from governing. Those who engage in, finance, organize and orchestrate this civil unrest use the tactics of Saul Alinsky which are designed to identify, isolate and attack anyone who stands in their way including illegal tactics from smearing the person, family, administration and supporters of President Trump by any means available and thinking the means justify the end. It does not!

Every attack on the President of the United States is an attack on the people of the United States and our way of life. The Constitution of the United States is the rule of law. Our Constitutional-Republic is very much worth fighting for as it embodies everything we hold dear, the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to vote, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, our love of mom and apple pie.

We the people are not few in number. We are your neighbors, your friends and if need be your enemies when it comes to protecting the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic, so help us God!

I will not stand down, I will not yield, I will never give up! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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