What Has He Done to You?



What has he done to you?

Something’s been bothering me for a while now about the hatred of President Donald J. Trump and for the life of me I don’t have any answers.

So tell me what has he done to you? Did he steal your thunder? Did he take your woman? Is it your clothes he wears? Did he insult you personally? Maybe it’s your name that should be on his properties, his airplane, his helicopter, his stuff?

I guess not being from the east coast or living along the eastern seaboard has sheltered me from exposure to Donald Trump the billionaire. I haven’t been kicked out of Trump Tower or booted off one of his golf courses. It’s obvious that I’ve never been in the same circles so I really don’t understand how someone can literally hate or despise someone they have never met; someone who’s never punched you in the face; never taken your “stuff” or even called you on the phone and cursed you out.

I know what it’s like to have to tell someone “You’re fired!” I also know what it’s like to be fired. Neither is pleasant for anyone involved. They often lead to bad feelings and even physical violence like having someone in your face, spitting hatred as they cursed with such names. I know what that feels like and it’s really sad when it happens more than once and because they didn’t like the word “no” and they are family. I’ve had a friend, we called ourselves brothers, we walked the same ground so to speak and had many of the same patriotic ideas, yet when asked to tone it down a notch spewed such hatred and the names that made it impossible to continue our friendship, even until his death. It’s always the names. Is that what we’ve become a nation of name calling? You hurt my feelings so I hurt you?

Politicians are a different breed of animal. Many are school trained liars and have the certificate or “shingle” to prove it. They are often so full of themselves that they actually believe they are superior to everyone else. They run for political office because they can. They convince enough people to vote for them and they are on the track to political success and somewhere the White House is in their future. It matters not who they run over, or who gets in their way, because they are self-anointed and nothing can stop them, not even a little thing like the truth. In fact the truth is whatever they say it is. Their track to success is that of a runaway train, building up speed, bulldozing their way through and at some point in their future is the train wreck of all train wrecks. If you’re a politician Donald Trump is simply a speed bump to be run over or run through either way no problem.

So what is it with you and Donald Trump? What has he done in your life that you would spend all your energy trying to what, bring him down; down to what level, your level? Have tried contacting him to let him know how you feel?

So I ask that you tone down the rhetoric and examine yourself and find the reason, the real reason you are spewing such hateful rhetoric about OUR president – Donald J. Trump.

If you’re unable or unwilling then maybe you just need counseling? – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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