How Many “I”‘s In Obama



How Many “I”’s In Obama

After almost 2 years of behind the scenes covert actions of former President Obama I have a simple question – How Many I’s in Obama?

He was going to bring change like you’ve never seen before.

He was going to bring people together – Got the Peace Prize to prove it.

He gave out the freedom medals to friend and friend alike (wonder if he gave one to Michelle)?

He had the biggest smile, the most wholesome family and American’s wanted to be just like them.

Yes for eight long years everything was about Obama.

Since leaving office (he did leave, ok) it has been hard for Obama to stay out of the limelight, but out he is and after seeing (possibly giving his seal of approval) the spectacle of the Democrat Party on a daily basis it is no longer possible for him to remain on the sidelines as the party death spirals out of control.

What may be even harder is to see President Trump crush the Obama legacy regulation by regulation resulting in an overwhelmingly successful economy.

It must be hard for a political superstar (in his own mind) to realize that a non-politician could be so successful even after all the bait thrown at him for over 2 solid years.

Obama can pat himself on the back for prepping the failing economy for such a vibrant recovery and a nation once again coming back to life.

It’s obvious that no Democrat Party hopeful will be able to crush the Red Wave in the upcoming midterms or in the general elections of 2018 and that places the 2020 elections out of reach for any of the bumbling stars emerging thus far.

Our hope is that once the nation settles down after the general elections in November, the real work will begin when all of the wrongdoing from Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Guns for ISIS in Syria; Uranium One and the real Collusion with Russia will render actual investigations resulting in massive arrests, charges and convictions of the entire subversive and treasonous “Mafioso” Chicago style “Obama family” business.

So after yesterday’s speech (not counting the one Obama gave today in California) I ask again how many “I”’s are there in Obama? At last count in one speech alone there were 100.

Don’t worry Mr. Former President Barack H. Obama – America is “woke” to your schemes! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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