The Circus Has Added Another Clown



The Circus Has Added Another Clown

By now I’m sure that everyone is aware of the circus atmosphere brought on by the likes of Cory Booker and Kamala Harris during the SCOTUS hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats had planned exactly to disrupt the hearing in any way possible, including the paying of people off the street for the privilege of getting arrested and thrown out of the Judiciary Committee room. I hope they got enough money for their public humiliation?

In three days there were more than 70 people arrested and several Senators of the Democrat persuasion who were more than happy to sacrifice their political careers (if that is even possible) for the sake of preventing a highly qualified Justice from becoming confirmed as the newest member of SCOTUS. It would seem that their actions “sealed the deal” for anyone who had not already made up their mind.

Next the Juggling Clown Act of President Barack Obama, moving from the shadows into the limelight in a last minute attempt to be seen as the savior of the republic after witnessing the Democrats spectacle of the past few days. He sees what many of us have already known that there is no viable Democrat contender in the 2020 election that can stand against President Trump. It is therefore his sole job to rescue the Democrat Party from itself.

He is the only Democrat capable of motivating the Democrat base, and entices them with things like it was his policies that are bringing forth the rising economy we see today. That in itself seems a bit odd as during his 8 years in office the exact opposite occurred and the economy was headed into the Obama presidential toilet.

American voters have to wake up and vote because as President Obama put it, the future of our country depends on it. He is absolutely correct, but what he failed to say was get out and vote – Republican because the future of our country depends on it. The next few weeks of the mid-term elections will see an increase of campaigning from President Trump and President Obama for candidates of their own political parties.

Americans must look at what is happening with the economy, national security, foreign trade, tariffs and immigration and decide is it a result of the 8 years of Obama or the almost 2 years of Trump?

Obama claims that Trump is the symptom, not the cause and that republicans are not the cure for America. It’s easy to see that Democrats are surely not the cure either, because it is Democrat policies and the caliber of certain Democrats in Congress (examples noted above) that indicate the cure for what ails America is that of a higher power than government.

President Trump said it right when he said the America worship’s God, not government. Sin is the cause and God Almighty is the cure. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “The Circus Has Added Another Clown

  1. I truly do not understand how any registered liberal or democrat can look at their party this last 2 years with all the chaos and illogical speeches, not to mention lack of decorum and feel proud to be part of that party.


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