Those Who Stand for Nothing


Those Who Stand for Nothing

I know it’s a hard principle to believe, but it has been said that those who stand for nothing will fall for anything and that’s true. Nothing is more apparent than in the weaponized arm of the U. S. Democrat Party called Antifa. Our society has been conditioned to believe in the political correctness indoctrination of our youth, but expect them to think for themselves and make up their own minds as adults.

Ridiculous isn’t it?

How else can you explain a youth so immersed into the video game culture where everyone is an expert sniper, foiling the other guy who is also an expert sniper, and doing so using his own tricks? Those error prone young people then don the dark clothing, masks and hats and boldly stand for a group called Antifa and challenge the consciousness of a nation. If fact they are so prone to self-delusion that they attack women, children, the elderly and become so emboldened that they go to lengths to block traffic and challenge law enforcement and the resources of the United States government in an attempt to bring everyone into their real world level game. It’s a bit like peeing on an electric fence in order to shut down the power grid because XYZ Power Company raised their rates substantially.

There are no real leaders in the Antifa movement. There are community organizers and financial backers and logistical enablers who “contract” the error-prone youth of America’s inner cities to openly display their foolishness as a media ploy or viral moment. Once the “jig” is up, they are unmasked, fingerprinted and become part of the judicial system and progress through the courts for jail time, fines or imprisonment. The enablers have already lined up more able bodies to replace them and the media eagerly eats this stuff up.

Young people today have way too much time on their hands and not enough motivation to get out into the real world and become a contributing member of society. It would do them good to drop into a local armed forces recruiting office and enlist for a single hitch, providing they can meet the qualifications and pass a background check.

Not saying that’s the answer to all their problems, but it would take 6 – 8 weeks of reconditioning the body and mind for an individual to find out that the world does not revolve around them personally. For those who successfully complete the initial basic training cycle, they would then be afforded additional training in a variety of job skills and for the very elite the opportunity to advance to specialized training as an airborne ranger, sniper, explosives ordnance disposal, special forces, air commando or as a navy seal.

Instead of fanaticizing about overpowering the neighborhood watch or global conquest these young people would have grown outside themselves and possess a worldview and self-awareness that is unattainable in a video game scenario.

The real threat of Antifa is to the youth of America who buy into this misconception of self-importance. It’s akin to peeing into the wind and expecting the other guy to come out all wet! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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