Ignoring the Obvious


Ignoring the Obvious

Many people on all sides of the political spectrum are guilty of ignoring the obvious. The Trump Administration has made remarkable progress in keeping the promises made during the campaign. His list of nearly 300 accomplishments can be debated all day long, but not denied. They are the real test of presidential leadership. The SCOTUS has been infused with constitutional justices to steer the direction of the Supreme Court back toward dead center.

At home on the national level Congress has been challenged to actually get to the business of creating and/or correcting legislation to address legal loopholes in our immigration laws. The Republican Party leadership has reclaimed the momentum needed to move congress forward while the Democrat Party has become a casualty of selfish interests and lack of competent leadership.

The outlandish acts of the main stream media have branded them for what they have become Fake News outlets as they have fought over each other for the dubious honor of dissing the president, his administration and holding up the unethical behavior of Democrats in both the House and the Senate.

On the international level the United States has flexed its diplomatic muscles with NATO, the UN and with direct face-to-face negotiations between President Trump and various world leaders: China, North Korea, Russian Federation, and Saudi Arabia, Great Brittan, France and many others.

There have been unprecedented breakthroughs of diplomatic proportions toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula after the Singapore Summit; the entrance of the US as an international exporter of petroleum to the European Union and various trade war tactics aimed at obtaining fair and balanced trade with the trading partners of the US through the use of tariffs.

Where previous administrations gave lip service (using that term literally) to appease international world leaders, President Trump has emulated “Big Stick” era policies aimed at placing America First.

What is obvious on the US political scene is the fact that many Americans are caught up in the lies and deceit perpetuated by in the press that allows only for division. The Democrat Party has weaponized the media and radical domestic terrorist groups in the hope of creating racial and class division.

As we are currently in the 2018 mid-term election cycle the choices are clear.

A democrat vote is a vote to return America to the fear and bully tactics that lead up to the Civil War and the creation of the KKK and the mob mentality of mindless hordes roaming the streets searching for opportunistic looting, burning and destruction of public and private property where anarchy reigns.

A republican or conservative vote is a vote to continue the upward surge of prosperity, national security and a return to the rule of law under the Constitution of the United States. National unity is with purpose and of people who honor God and themselves by taking care of their neighbors before self.

The United States of America is NOT a democracy or a republic which have proven to implode over time. We are a Constitutional-Republic (only one of its kind in existence) guided over 240 years by our sovereign charter and commitment to Almighty God as our guide. The Constitution does not limit the rights of the people, but rather limits the power given to government, protecting the rights of the people and providing redress when government has become corrupt. We are at the point in our nation’s history where redress may be eminent.

There are two primary reasons why immigrants flock to our shores begging to be admitted to the United States.

The first is legal immigration (including refugees), where the process of lawful entry is followed in hope of a better life for them and their families. We encourage immigration of people who seek to contribute to our society by immersion and becoming citizens.

The second is invasion, where the goal is overwhelm and penetrate our borders for ulterior motives and nefarious goals through illegal immigration. The security of our nation begins with border security and we will not allow illegal immigration. It is a federal crime to aid and abet illegal immigration and those who choose to ignore or manipulate US immigration laws will be held accountable.

It’s time for American citizens to stand up and be counted in this fight to keep our nation free. The very survival of this country is at stake. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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