Executive Actions from the Bench



Executive Actions from the Bench


When is the last time a federal judge decided that a decision by the sitting president was not right and made it an official decree from a federal court?


First it was Immigration constraints – inhumane

Next it was ending the unconstitutional DACA – racist

Then it was blocking a cyberstalker on Twitter by POTUS – not legal

Next will it be illegal aliens in Mexico suing POTUS for denying their right to cross over into the US?

Now it is the POTUS taking away the White House Press Credentials from CNN’s Jim Acosta – Give it back


These are just some of the craziness coming out of or through US federal courts with judges who think they know best what the president can or cannot do. These are clearly Executive Actions from the Bench which cross the line on Judicial Imprudence or at best flawed decisions by judges who interfere with executive power or the ability of POTUS to administer his duties under the Constitution.


The Constitution clearly gives the President of the United States the authority to stop, limit or start immigration and without reasons.


The Constitution did not give Obama the power to issue an executive order on DACA without Congress creating the necessary legislation to be signed into law. Therefore what legal statute prevents Trump from allowing DACA to terminate on its own accord?  What grounds does a federal judge have to compel POTUS to keep DACA going (it’s unconstitutional)?


President Trump uses his 1st Amendment rights to communicate using the social media of Twitter. Users can block anyone at any time, yet a federal judge ruled that Trump cannot block a particular cyber-stalker and must allow him access to Trump’s Twitter feed? I don’t think so!


It was recently announced that immigrants traveling in Mexico were bringing a lawsuit against POTUS for infringing on their constitutional rights to come to the United States. How interesting, are they referring to the constitution of one or more of the many countries in Central or South America and beyond that guarantees their right to come to the United States? Has this action made its way into the US judicial system? What, if any, is the desired outcome? Being permanently blocked from immigration?


During a recent White House Press Conference President Trump had CNN’s Jim Acosta surrender his WH Press Credentials and removed from the WH Press Room and the White House grounds for blatant misconduct involving a WH intern. A recent decision by a federal judge ordered the WH Press Credentials be returned to Jim Acosta, pending further review and discussions. It seems that even though attorneys for both sides argued the case, nobody bothered to realize that the WH Press Credentials are a courtesy given to select journalists and can be withdrawn or revoked at will and without notice or reason.


I’m not a Rhode Scholar, a legal beagle or even a lying lawyer, but it seems to me that these cases need to be sent directly to SCOTUS where they can be challenged in the highest court of the land (and the loser pays fines, fees and court costs). – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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