Reasons to Hate President Donald J Trump



Reasons to Hate President Donald J Trump


I’ve been searching for reasons not to like President Trump. Maybe these are valid reasons, maybe not?


  1. Brash – Outspoken and direct
  2. Cocky – Sure of himself (seems over confident)
  3. Dangerous – Going to start WWIII
  4. Draft Dodger – Medical deferred (4F)
  5. Loser – Not substantiated, because losers quit
  6. Not a leader – Not substantiated, successful company, successful as POTUS#45
  7. Not Fit to be president – Does not suffer from TDS, fully fit to serve
  8. Not real Republican – Not typical politician, supports Republicans and Democrats
  9. Obnoxious – Outspoken
  10. Playboy image – Lifestyle of rich and famous, flaunted wealth
  11. Racist – Not true, no racial bias, but works hard for minorities to be seen and heard
  12. Rich – Guilty, filthy rich – didn’t need to be POTUS, was compelled to run and win
  13. Sexist – Not true, treats women and men equally
  14. Spontaneous – Not true, thinks in advance of the outcome and how to achieve before committing
  15. Womanizer – Past reputation, not true today


These are what I could come up with off the top of my head.


I also came up with a list of reasons to like Donald J. Trump


  1. Determined – knows how to get results
  2. Draining the Swamp – putting a stop to political correctness in America, exposing unlawful activities and bringing violators to justice in due time
  3. Father – loves his children
  4. Father-in-law – loves his family
  5. Focused – not easily swayed
  6. Forgiven – By God (Why not you?)
  7. Grandfather – loves his family
  8. Husband – loves his wife
  9. Know your enemies – Don’t overlook the obvious
  10. Leader – successful company, loves military, sets by example
  11. Loves America – America First, Make America Great Again, Make America Safe Again
  12. Loves Constitution – swore oath to uphold Constitution
  13. No Longer Democrat – switched to Republican Party
  14. Not Hillary – Thank God
  15. Not Obama – Thank God again
  16. Patriotic – loves America
  17. POTUS#45 – Current sitting President, working for free (donates salary quarterly)
  18. Reputation – Results oriented
  19. Winner – Failure not an option, but opportunity to succeed


As you can see my lists are not equal but close. If you look at the accomplishments during the first 24 months since the election (22 months in office) they are unbelievable.


  • Address European Union about US oil
  • Address NATO about paying fair share
  • Address UN about Israel (moved Embassy to Jerusalem)
  • Addressed athletes over kneeling
  • Began ending Affordable Care Act
  • Challenged Congress to fix immigration and DACA
  • Challenged corporations to return factories to US
  • Confront China on tariffs
  • Confront Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea on full Denuclearization
  • Confront Russian Federation on tariffs and oil
  • Confronted Mexico on border security
  • Dealing with current invasion of illegal immigrants through Mexico from Central and South America and middle eastern countries (on going)
  • Dealing with election irregularities in several states
  • Dealt with numerous natural disasters in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico & California with increased response time and resources
  • Draining the Swamp to expose illegal violations of US law by various parties
  • Implemented immigration restrictions and modified policies for asylum
  • Increased jobs for all Americans
  • Lowered taxes


These are just a few accomplishments off the top of my head.


What I would like you to consider is given present circumstances and ongoing world events is the United States a better place and in a better position for American families to work and live in peace and security?


If you answered “NO”, what are you personally doing about it?

If you answered “YES”, what are you personally doing to assist making it happen?


Remember the saying, “Somebody’s got to do it”. Well YOU ARE SOMEBODY, what are you doing? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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