This Really Chaps My Hide



This Really Chaps My Hide


The media (even Fox News) continues to stoke the fires of division during an interview of a Senator (didn’t get her name) when she said she was glad that President Trump had accepted and will be there to honor former President Bush. Did I miss something? Since when is it common practice for the sitting president to not honor the passing of a former president?


Wasn’t it John McCain who “forbid” President Trump to give his eulogy? Vice President Pence and his wife attended instead. The entire “funeral” was dedicated to bashing Trump and in no way honoring John McCain.


What about SCOTUS Justice Anton Scalia’s funeral, where was President Obama? Why was nothing said about that? How is it that a Supreme Court Justice died in his sleep on a ranch of a Senator in Texas and no investigation or inquiry was done to find out how it happened or why?


I try not to be political, but this insane hatred of President Trump is NOT him hating anyone else, it’s the liberals on the left who hate Trump so much that nothing else matters.


This nation is divided over non-issues and trivial matter. So much so that actual accomplishments of historical and international importance rate no mention with today’s news organizations. Nowhere in the Constitution have I seen or read about “Freedom of the Snobs”! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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