Hate is a Powerful Thing




Hate is a Powerful Thing


Explain to me how and why you hate President Donald J. Trump? Go ahead, I’m listening? There must be a rational explanation, right?


It had to be something like Trump fired you or a family member? Or maybe it was because he took candy away from you as a baby? He is a 72 year old man and many who hate him aren’t even old enough to hate him or even know why?


Or maybe Trump beat you playing golf or kicked you off one of his many golf courses? Did he overcharge you on the penthouse at one of his properties?


If you’re a Veteran maybe you’re sore because Trump was medically classified as not fit for military service (4F) due to a foot condition? Some even say he had multiple deferments? A medical classification is not a deferment, but if he was turned down multiple times it shows that he kept trying to get in to the military but was unsuccessful each time. If you’re not a Veteran what is your excuse?


If you’re a woman Trump must have made sexual advances toward you personally? Or was it because you remember seeing a younger Donald Trump with a beautiful woman on each arm? Were you jealous because neither of those women were you? Rosie O’Donnell was at some of those events as his guest and she must have been offended because now she is a real hater of Trump.


If you’re a member of a minority he must have personally insulted you? Did you work you or someone you know to death and pay them peanuts? Maybe he worked you like a slave, is that it?


When did you first realize that you hated Trump? Did you watch him on The Apprentice as he said “You’re Fired”? Was it a family member, a friend or a stranger? Did he hurt your feelings?


Is it because Trump has his name on his properties, his aircraft, buses or helicopter or because he lived in Trump Tower in New York? Have you not heard about doing something right the first time or don’t do it at all? But if you’re not willing to put your name on it (stand behind your work) it’s not worth doing.


I’m not from New York or from the east coast area so I simply ignored the goings on of some rich guy. I had other things to do in life and no time to speculate over who, what or why this guy Trump did what he did. I’m sure most of America did the same.


Was it when Donald Trump ascended the marble staircase with Melania and announced his candidacy for President? Was it the way he said it? Maybe it was manner of speaking after all he’s a New Yorker? Oh yeah, a filthy rich New Yorker with all the toys, fame and fortune any man could want. He must have been doing this as a publicity stunt?



Did you get turned off when he began turning on the Republican candidates as I did? Was it simply time to dislike his approach or did you begin to hate? It must have been when Trump began attacking Hillary Clinton and called her “Crooked Hillary” or Hillary “Rotten” (Rodham) Clinton?


That is when all the sexual allegations began to surface in a massive attempt to derail his campaign. Were you on board with all that? Did you participate in those attacks in your own way?


Was it when Trump began reversing Obama policies and decisions that were unconstitutional, unlawful or hurtful toward Americans?


Maybe it was when Trump said he was going to build the wall? After all it is racist to exclude people who want to come to America for a better life. But did you voice your concern when Barack Obama allowed thousands of Middle Easterners unfettered access and entry into the country without sufficient vetting? If so I didn’t hear you.


Was it when Trump said he was going to drain the swamp in Washington? Were you fearful that you would be exposed? Did the skeletons in YOUR closet begin to rattle and shake?


Then it had to be when Trump said he was going to Make America Great Again? I mean that’s absurd because you think America was never great, right?


Were you part of the “resistance” movement by liberals who decided that stopping Trump at any expense and any way possible was alright? Are you still of that mind?


Hate is not something we are born with. Hate must be taught and is reinforced throughout a lifetime. Hate is a powerful thing and often begins with unresolved anger. Hate if not checked or stopped can lead to violence and murder.


In America during the past 3 years the media has stoked the fires of hate, to the point that some have taken advantage of others by orchestrating rallies, marches and even riots aimed at dividing our nation in an effort to destroy our constitutional republic.


This process is being accomplished using the blueprint of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. In a nutshell the rules call for identifying the target,; isolating that target; attacking the target; publishing damaging or embarrassing material and making up stuff is alright; use the targets own words against it. Alinsky used examples in his book that one cannot fight city hall, but one can fight an identifiable person in city hall, say the mayor; you can’t fight corporations, but target the CEO.


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both studied these principles and have used them during their campaigns for the presidency. Obama was extremely successful against Hillary and against McCain while Hillary tried unsuccessfully against Obama and Trump.


All the hatred aimed at Trump and the attacks aimed at dividing our nation are manufactured hate by proxy. One person who literally hates Trump transfers that hatred through false media reports, on social media and the internet, over radio and television and uses rally’s, marches and riots to get others to share in that hatred. Even athletes and entertainers are simply pawns in the war on Trump that includes taking apart every speech, or tweet and spinning it to their desired ends, whether true or not (Remember the Alinsky Principle).


During the 23 months of the Trump administration many historically important accomplishments have mostly gone unheralded in the American press but can be accessed on the White House website.


These same people are the ones who say that Trump supporters are mindless obedient minions who have no original thought. I say they must stand in front of a mirror practicing for a very long time in order to believe what they themselves are. How can you hate Trump when he has not done anything to you personally to warrant that hate? If he has in some way offended you when did you call or write to tell him? Why not? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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