Political and Congressional Racism



Political and Congressional Racism


This has been a touchy subject in America for a very long time. It has been perpetuated by individuals with the intent of keeping other races or national ethnicities at a distance or making them feel inferior. Let’s start by defining what is racism https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racism

Racism is a noun

rac·​ism | \ ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi- \


Definition of racism

1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

2a: a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles

2b: a political or social system founded on racism

3: racial prejudice or discrimination


So racism could be defined as one race is inferior while producing a superior race. In politics executing racist principles or doctrine of prejudice or discrimination in a social or political system founded on racism.


How does one become a racist? Is it a behavior that we are born with? Do we leave the womb and immediately identify someone who’s skin tone is different from our and somehow feel superior or inferior? Of course not!


Racism is a learned behavior. It can be learned at home, at school, on the streets or even at work. It takes someone to gather together others of the same ethnicity or race who begins to work the spiel of racism into the minds of others until they believe it.


Look at how street gangs work to recruit and initiate members. They take people who want to belong and often target anyone who they determine are to become their prey. They walk around in distinct garb, hoodies, caps, masks or scarves and the like. They are identifiable as members of a particular gang. They have distinctive tattoos that identify them by signs or symbols. Most noticeably is that they move around in groups, unless they wish to go unnoticed? One take away is their hair or lack of it as a sign of a gang member.


Think of the KKK with its white hoods or sheets. Have you ever seen a single KKK member wearing the garb and moving around the streets alone? Probably not! It takes more than one person to plant a cross, doused in gasoline and set on fire in somebody’s yard.


Take the skin heads and neo-Nazis. How do they dress? What are their identifying features? What are their displayed attitudes? Do they operate in groups or alone? What banner or flag do they hoist to instill fear in others? What are their membership requirements?


Let’s look at ANTIFA they dress in dark clothing with scarves covering their faces and hoods over their heads. They gather in mobs and run the streets kicking over trash cans and attacking defenseless old people, women and children simply because they can. They have a banner that is similar to the ISIS flags of the Middle East. Their main objective is confrontation, chaos and rioting.


On a more national scale we have seen racists in the Congress of the United States. Most noticeably was when David Duke the former Grand Potentate of the KKK ran for Congress and was elected. It must have sent shockwaves throughout the south. I think he only lasted one term so it was somewhat short lived.


Today we have elected to Congress three women of Middle Eastern ethnicity who are Muslim by faith and have fearlessly posed in front of an ISIS flag apparently hung on the wall inside an office. These are newly elected Representatives who are very vocal about Sharia Law becoming the law of the land in the United States and in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States.


That is not the worst of it when it comes to institutionalized Congressional racism. The fact that there are various Congressional Caucuses that are by race, religion and ethnicity should be cause for alarm by all Americans.


Over the past 2 years of the Trump administration the number of Congressional Caucuses has risen from 242 to 512, more than a hundred percent increase. How can Congress function at all with so much divisiveness?


What I find the most disturbing is one caucus that flaunts its racial bias openly in a number of ways. I’m talking about the Congressional Black Caucus. Yes they are a racist caucus whose membership requirement is to be black. Non-blacks are denied membership. Their membership has risen since their inception in 1971 to approximately 55 members as of the 116th Congress.


CBC members are hard to ignore. As a group they display the African colors to show their solidarity with the African Apartide movement. The CBC has adopted the mantle of rooting out racism in the Trump administration and in government. The CBC has been the force behind Confederate statues being removed and have even sought the renaming of US Military Bases named after Confederate Generals.


CBC members have openly opposed President Donald Trump by boycotting the inauguration and State of the Union Address and have announced a boycott of the upcoming SOTU address. Their members are vocal in trashing the President, encouraging their constituents to harass and attack Trump administration officials, their families and even Trump supporters. So emboldened have they become that their members are one by one announcing their run against President Trump for the presidency in 2020. One of their most famous alumni is none other than former President Barack Obama (big surprise). So far Kamala Harris and Cory Booker (the two senate members of the CBC) have announced their candidacy for 2020.


The Congressional Black Caucus is a taxpayer funded caucus with the express purpose of taking down the sitting president and his administration by any means necessary. They have been instrumental in hijacking the Democratic Party with well-placed party officials like former Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota. The CBC web extends into more than 100 caucuses, committees and sub-committees in Congress with a good chance of causing congressional stalemates when it comes to National Security and National Defence.


One of the quick ways to recognize racism in Congress is to look at who is calling whom racist when in front of a television news camera. What began 2 years ago with Rep. Fredericka Wilson calling President Trump racist and has continued with Rep. Maxine Waters and others shouting to Impeach Trump it’s not hard to see who the real racists are.


To liken the red Make America Great Again hats to the white hoods of the KKK is laughable. If you were walking down a dark alley, at night and was approached by a red MAGA hat wearing individual or a group of KKK white hoods which would cause you to be fearful and commence trembling? Or would it be Black Lives Matters or ANTIFA? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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