Federal Bureau of Anti-Matter




Federal Bureau of Anti-Matter


What a coincidence. Federal agents are screened for their honesty, trustworthiness and professionalism among other things. In law enforcement they are the cream of the crop, top of the line and trained to perfection in matters of criminal justice and the US rule of law. I’ve heard from experienced law enforcement professionals it is unadvisable to speak to them without legal counsel present – even during a routine traffic stop.


Have you ever gotten a traffic ticket? Do you attempt to pass the time of day with the officer? Ever confess to a minor offense in which you got off? As you prepare to depart the scene does the officer immediately leave at the same time? If not, have you ever wondered why not?


It’s important to remember this tip. The officer has an obligation to transcribe the entire conversation on paper in the event he must go to court over your offense. That sounds simple enough huh? What happens if you admit to previous wrong doing? What about an officer investigating a case that sounds similar to the event you admitted to? An officer is investigating and your name just happened to come up, because you told someone (the traffic officer) and now you’re a prime suspect.


Let’s say you end up going to court about the case you admitted committing. You are asked if you have any knowledge of that event and you say no or you don’t remember. The officer is called to the stand and asked if you ever mentioned it to him and he pulls out his notebook as he says yes. Then he reads your “confession” and you are charged with lying under oath “Perjury”.


That is why you should exercise your right to remain silent, especially at a traffic stop.


That’s why I said what a coincidence. Here we are and not one, but at least two high level FBI employees (former FBI director Comey; Assistant director McCabe; Special Agent Strzok and FBI Legal Counsel Lisa Paige have been called before congressional committees and under oath have answered many questions presented to them with, “I don’t remember”; “I don’t know”; or “I plead the fifth Amendment”. Even text messages and emails conveniently disappeared (although even a 15 year old hacker knows that text messages and emails are backed up daily or sometimes hourly on internet servers and kept for an extended period of time). One would think that FBI supervisors and agents would have clued in on that fact while conducting official investigations?


They are unable to recall specific events, dates, places or people they have interacted with over a certain period of time or pertaining to a specific incident when questioned by congressional committee members, under oath under penalty of perjury.


This is extremely interesting in that Comey AND McCabe each went on a “book tour” with various media outlets and described the events in detail which they couldn’t remember at the committee hearings. It would have been so considerate had they each presented the committee with copies of their soon to be released book prior to the hearings. Then questions could be referenced with page, paragraph and line number.


That’s why Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself a former FBI director made it a point to recommend prosecution of Trump associates who lied about unrelated matters under oath during HIS Special Investigation. Those “offenders” face substantial embarrassment, financial loss and/or jail time unless they “flip” on Donald Trump and admit incriminating evidence about Russian Collusion (which is still not a crime, even if it was true) – Which it is not.


It does appear that the Bureau, as it is called, has transitioned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to its more proper title of Federal Bureau of Anti-Matter, because at the top the only thing that mattered was the smearing of and attempted removal of the sitting President of the United States, Donald Trump. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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