Some are Called While Only One is Chosen



Some are Called While Only One is Chosen


The qualifications for the President of the United States are spelled out in Article II, Section I of the Constitution.

  • Must be a natural born citizen of the United States
  • Must be at least age 35 and
  • Must be a 14 years resident within the United States


It’s easy for someone who meets those qualifications to fancy themselves in the White House and the leader of the Free World. If Barack H. Obama could become President, so could anyone right? Think of all that power!


The run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign cycle had GOP candidates coming out of the woodwork announcing they were throwing their hats in the ring, “running” for President. Many of the candidates were in public office at the time and had name recognition while others were corporate CEOs or professionals. All were well qualified. In fact it has been reported that there were over 100 candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire when they held their primary? That must have been quite a mess for voters to sort out?


I’m sure that every one of those prospective presidential candidates was thinking to themselves that they were going to win otherwise why would they run in the first place? There must be several reasons someone would run for political office – prestige; power; superiority; patriotism or just for the thrill of saying “I ran in 2016”.


Then there was Donald J. Trump, the candidate who threw the entire GOP process out of whack, a “wild card” with no previous political experience (held no prior public office), yet his experience with politicians made him the perfect Washington outsider because he was the “go too guy” when politicians needed campaign financing. He was a household name and photo opportunities were like putting money in the bank, just to be seen with him. He knew the players on both sides.


What people still don’t understand about Trump is that he doesn’t do anything unless he thinks he can win. He had been toying with the idea of running for president since the 1980s, but didn’t think the time was right. He wasn’t going to “run” for president just for the exercise and it was not a last minute decision.


Trump was a man who had virtually everything that money could buy prestige, and power as well as man toys galore. He had a successful business empire, a successful television show “The Apprentice” and was living the life of the rich and famous. So what compelled him into the presidency? Donald Trump felt that Almighty God had a calling on him and the time was now. It was this calling on his life and because he of how he did everything this was a race he was going to win.


The challenge of a Trump Presidency was not for the money, he has enough; nor was it for the prestige, he has enough; it was pure patriotism, to Make America Great Again. Throughout all the adversity of his presidency his laser-like focus is and has been on making the United States that shining city upon a hill that President Reagan so often talked about.


What we are witnessing is likened to a political grieving process where liberal candidates are stuck in denial that Donald J. Trump is and has been President for the past 2 years. This has brought out the dirty dealings of unfathomable proportions including a failed campaign to embarrass and derail Donald Trump from gaining the Presidency and failing that to stop his administration with constant attacks on his character, his lack of experience, his business career and now his financial success over the years are subject to criticism.


Had you watched the Barbara Walters special on Donald J. Trump and the Trump Empire that aired prior to the 2016 campaign season you might have seen trappings of his pride over his accomplishments in the form of trophies and newspaper articles and pictures spanning much of his adult life?


It is because of the Trump wild card campaign style that we see from the Democrats who feel if Trump can win, so can they in the upcoming 2020 Presidential campaign we see die hard liberals, democrats, socialists, former administration officials and former governor plus a host of congressional members flooding the Democrats stage in an attempt to upset President Trump and prevent him from a successful bid for a 2nd term. Good luck with that! Unlike politicians before him, Trump thrives on conflict.


Jealousy is a powerful thing.


What I see coming from the Democrats are beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations – socialism, fascism, communism, Islamism, liberalism and just about every ism except patriotism for the nation they all hope one day to lead?


American’s are a lot smarter than these so called liberals and far left fanatics give credit to. It is the liberal talking points that say Americans are not smart enough to make their own decisions and it is the duty of liberal democrats to make those hard choices for them.


On the other hand conservatives say that Americans don’t need government advice, handouts or pre-made decisions. American’s want jobs, fair play in the workplace and a safe environment to raise our children and grandchildren. American’s want a leader who relates to the common man, not some pie in the sky liberal socialist dictator like we see in places like Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela, where suppressed people starve and the dictators live like kings.


Americans don’t want a Green New Deal which is just a new label on failed worldwide policies aimed at stripping away individual freedoms and lead to dependence on failed governments. Americans don’t want political correctness which causes racial and social division.


Americans want common sense back in government, but less government in our everyday lives. Americans want a wall to stop drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigration and a path to citizenship for immigrants who come here based upon merit. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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