Who is Pushing the Narrative?



Who is Pushing the Narrative?


Aren’t you tired of hearing the same old same o coming from the House Dems, the DNC and the Democratic Party operatives in Congress and in the media (entertainment, television and print)? There seems to be quite a bit of racial and class division going around almost all the time. What we are fed is that it’s all because of President Trump, his connections to Russia, his hatred of immigrants, women and especially black people in general. Plus Trump hates the media, football players and anyone who’s not a republican like him.  Doesn’t it just make you sick?


We have most recently had an increase in expressions of hate and anti-Semitic speeches coming out of the mouths of our freshmen House Democrats, which appear to have the “blessing” of House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the implied sanction of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who failed to condemn the rantings of the “three amigos” (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib) in the House.


What is the missing link that prevents the House Speaker from condemning this latest anti-Semitic ranting of Ilhan Omar? Is it because of her religion? Maybe condemning her would bring down the ire of Minnesota’s Somalia’s? I suspect it’s something more close to the heart of the problem than anyone realizes.


Anyone remember when 9th Term Rep. Steve King was stripped of all his committees by Speaker Pelosi because he said that White Supremacy and White Nationalism have become offensive terms? Who was behind the push for King to be stripped and blocked for 2 years of being put into any committees?


The answer to many of the questions I’ve raised points back to the Congressional Black Caucus, a House sanctioned, taxpayer funded politically charged racist organization of which Ilhan Omar is one of the newest members.


It was the CBC whose members have stood up for Ilhan Omar and it was the CBC who demanded that Steven King be stripped of his committees. It is also CBC members who stand up when House members are accused of ethics violations, and it is a CBC member Chair the House Ethics Committee.


It appears that the Congressional Black Caucus is the glue that holds many of these missteps within Congress together. They are the self-appointed “enforcers” who hold everyone else accountable, not to the Constitution, but to the CBC. Think of the CBC as an octopus with tentacles reaching out to more than 62 Congressional Caucuses and 19+ Committees, Groups and Task Forces using the full Constitutional power and resources of the Government to insure that their agenda is fully implemented to benefit those they deem worthy and at the expense of law abiding citizen taxpayers.


There are many talented and educated members of the Congressional Black Caucus, 55 to be exact as of the beginning of the 116th Congress of the United States. They are focused on many important issues that face our nation, yet for the wrong reasons. It is their goal to insure that black Americans receive their full and undivided attention, all the free programs they “deserve” and are even behind the effort to secure repatriations from white Americans as a debt owed to black slaves. Tell me when in this century or over the past 200 years have there been legalized slavery in the United States? How many members of the CBC have been directly involved in slavery (slave owner or slave)?


This is nothing more than an orchestrated attempt by the Congressional Black Caucus to shame America into compliance of their nefarious schemes, and failing that the use of racial division, intimidation and fear mongering against anyone black or white who doesn’t fall in line.


If Congress would have taken action in 1971 to stop this group, many of the problems we encounter in the America today would not have occurred. In fact if the CBC would channel their efforts toward defending the Constitution they swore to uphold and working across the aisle in both chambers of the legislature and with the president, just think of how much more could have been accomplished for the benefit of ALL American citizens. I’ll say it again there are many talented individuals who have become pawns of the CBC and the slanted goals of bringing down the very institution they have helped to corrupt.


It may be too late.


It may require a re-boot of the government in accordance to the Constitution of the United States so that mistakes of the past are not repeated today or in the future. It’s a shame that 55 individuals control the other 480 members of Congress. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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