On the Trump – McCain Controversy



On The Trump – McCain Controversy


Yes I know you don’t want to hear it but I’m going to say it anyway and maybe again for some readers. While it’s true that John McCain served honorably in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and spent 5 years as a POW and in the Hanoi Hilton. That in itself doesn’t make him a war hero. It does make him a survivor. After his release from captivity and his return home he left the service and carried on with his private life. He divorced and married again. Many people have done that exact same thing.


However John McCain politics is another story entirely. As a Republican Senator from Arizona he was a man driven to succeed his way. He was short-tempered and at times an outright ogre, yet Shrek hadn’t been created yet. There was no shortage of political allies in the House and in the Senate, but an abundance of political enemies as well.


John McCain attempted on more than one occasion to ascend to the political high office of the US Presidency but failed. I’m sure that he was repulsed at the thought of a President Donald Trump who succeeded where he and others had failed miserably.


During the Trump presidency and up until McCain’s death it was no secret that John McCain publicly became a thorn in the side of the President, but siding with Democratic allies on voting down a number of bills aimed to further the Trump agenda even at the expense of the will of the American people. McCain criticized Trump repeatedly and on the eve of his death made a point to express his desire that Trump NOT give the eulogy. During the televised funeral the media made a point of criticizing President Trump for not attending, even though Vice President Mike Pence and the Second Lady were in attendance.


So every time the President is questioned about his opinion as it pertains to John McCain it has been made very clear that Trump is not a fan of McCain and never has been. With the recent revelations about McCain’s pandering of the fake Russia Dossier to the FBI, DOJ and/or the media those feelings against McCain are brought to the surface one more time.


Then another reporter asks the President about McCain as if they are going to get a different answer? A glowing report maybe? It’s not going to happen. It is not President Trump’s nature to be politically correct in his answers or his opinions on people he doesn’t like or respect. There are a number of people who come to mind and John McCain is one.


I find it hypocritical for all the political posturing by past presidential hopefuls and those hoping to cash in on the 2020 campaign cycle which is already upon us. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) says he’s all tore up about the President attacking his deceased friend John McCain. Where was Mitt when McCain was trashing President Trump on the floor of the Senate and in the media?


These are three Republican Presidential Candidates whom I had voted for in each of their quests for the presidency and I’m not sorry that I voted for President Donald J. Trump. I can’t say the same for McCain or Romney.


Everyone has an opinion about everything and I don’t see that President Trump expressing his opinion about McCain as an attack. It is simply one person’s opinion about another and at this point in time even a Republican President is entitled to expressing his opinion when asked, especially after finding out facts and circumstances that were expressly designed to bring about his downfall by an elected US Senator and the administration of the previous US President and his administration. – I am the Real Truckmaster!






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