2020 is for All the Marbles




2020 is for All the Marbles


Jeb said Republicans need a choice in 2020; Biden said he’s the one to beat Trump in 2020; Pelosi calls Trump a bully – while she herds her democratic colleagues and tag along RINOs in a voting frenzie against Trump; Schumer calls Trump unfit; Waters cries for Impeachment; and All the other Democratic hopefuls are going to lower the voting age, allow illegals to vote; stack the SCOTUS with extra seats; save us from global warming; give us the Green New Deal; Free education, medicare for all, free phones, free rent, free food and free money to those who just don’t want to work; plus tear down that stupid wall……… Many of them are congressional newbies or current politicians with years of experience doing nothing in the halls of Congress.


Free isn’t free no matter how it is packaged!


Ask the soldier spending his or her days in the sandbox?

Ask the mother, father, spouse, son or daughter who received the flag on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation?

Ask the parents who buried their child murdered by an illegal alien?

Ask the parents of an aborted child AFTER birth?


So tell me what’s in it for America? 2020 is for All the Marbles! – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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