Pre The Mueller Investigative Report Release



Pre The Mueller Investigative Report Release


After the 2008 presidential elections the Obama Campaign Chief of Staff (now Mayor of Chicago) reported a potential threat against President-elect Obama by a group of Somali terrorists who snuck into the US to wage an assault during the 2009 Inauguration speech. No such attack was carried out or actually happened. (Theateratrics? Maybe. Orchestrated to appear a credible threat? Maybe. Media uproar, demonstrations, terror in the streets? No.


Yet 2016 Trump Campaign reported wire-tapping by Obama Administration countered by Russia Collusion Delusion with demonstrations, media uproar, and Theateratrics galore. Until 2019 when AG Barr reported to Congress that info from the Mueller Investigation confirmed Spying by Obama Administration did in fact occur.


See the difference? Know the differences? Manufactured and orchestrated outrage and it’s still not over.


Thursday the AG releases to Congress and to the public the Mueller Report (redacted) are we to expect more fake outrage, or will heads actually begin to roll? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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