Historically Speaking



Historically Speaking


I don’t know about you but throughout the history of our great nation the problems of division along racial, gender, religious and other lines have come from Democrats.


The Civil War saw a Republican President agonize over and going the extra mile to end slavery in America. Who was against him – Democrats!


After the Civil War ended and peace was being restored President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by – you guessed it – a Democrat!


With the Civil War over the fight to end slavery turned into harassment, intimidation and murder (lynching) by…………the Klu Klux Klan an organization made up of – Democrats!


  • The 13th Amendment – Abolish Slavery had 100% Republican support and only 23% Democratic support


  • The 14th Amendment – Gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves, with 94% of Republican Support and 0% Democratic Support


  • The 15th Amendment – Right to Vote for All, with 100% of Republican Support and 0% Democratic Support


Democrats have systematically gone after higher taxes, higher wages, more restrictions – No plastic straws, No cow farts, No pollution, No statues, No offensive anything while their policies enslave voters, kill jobs, kill babies (Planned Parenthood Of America), Gun control, Free food, Free medical, Free education, & Free stuff.


Republicans have systematically gone after more jobs, less federal regulations, less government, lower taxes and protect, life, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.


I won’t say that either is perfect, but if it cost your dignity, your self-worth and your peace of mind – Thank a Democrat. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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