Trickle Down Corruption



Trickle Down Corruption


In business and in politics it is well known that the trickle-down theory works. Those at the top become rich while those at the bottom get the crumbs. Hillary knows and that’s why her preposterous statement on Trump’s Tax Cuts was that middle and lower class tax cuts were just crumbs, while CEOs and corporations make huge profits and pay less in taxes.


The same is true in politics. It is well known that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those with the most political power are the ones who have the most money to buy or pay off anyone who gets in the way as they manipulate they’re power over people. The more money, more people and more people equates to more power. (Saul Alinsky mentioned something like that in his books.)


Looking back at the 2008 election all eyes were on Hillary Clinton as the DNC’s presumptive nominee. Her campaign was strong against the GOP nominee John McCain. All lights were green and she was good to go, until eclipsed by her Senatorial colleague from Illinois – Barack Obama. He literally took the air out of Hillary’s parade and ended up the Democratic nominee but the election to become the 44th President of the United States.


It’s interesting to note that Barack Obama came out of the political climate of Chicago, Illinois, the home town of Stephen A. Douglas who ran against Abraham Lincoln. Chicago became the political powerhouse in the Midwest and in the nation where unions and politics were at one time controlled by Mayor Dailey, a single most powerful man in politics at that time.


What I often refer to as Chicago Politics is a different way of thinking and interpreting a rule of law that often excludes the version outlined in the US Constitution. There is a right way, a wrong way and the Chicago way to do things.


Obama brought the Chicago way into the Presidency upon his inauguration in 2009. From the start he did things as Frank Sinatra would say, “My Way”, the Obama way. Don’t forget that Obama was appointed to fill a state Senate vacancy and stayed in office for 8 years learning the political ropes. The nation had not been exposed to him during those years. Before that Obama had been elected to the US Senate from Illinois where he spent 8 years fine tuning his run for the White House.


Obama brought into his inner circle, his White House staff and his administration Yes men and Yes women to do his bidding. Hillary Clinton became one of them as Obama’s Secretary of State. It was her participation trophy for losing the nomination to him. It placed her in a very peculiar and powerful position as the former First Lady and former Senator in a highly visible cabinet level position. Her accomplishments as SOS were simply doing as she was told and Benghazi 9/11/2012 was but one example where American lives were unnecessarily lost. Her decision to run private email servers out of her two private residences, bypassing Federal Cyber Security Protocol enabled early on foreign operatives to hack into her email account and accumulate real time copies of each email received and sent. Many of those emails were sensitive in nature, and often highly classified.


Obama used special “Czars” as bridges between him and his cabinet officials. Czars were often members of known terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. This was highly unconstitutional if not outright illegal.


Among other things the Affordable Care Act was pushed through Congress without allowing sufficient time for members to read, discuss or input into it. It was a means of controlling the massive medical system and determine who could or would be seen, how and if they would be treated, and how much it would cost. Priority was given to provide free healthcare to the unemployed while employers and employees would pay a massive and substantially high cost or face unreasonable fines for non-compliance. Some might even call it extortion by the government.


There were other displays of power which went unchecked or ignored by the Congress and way over the heads of American citizens. Like the extensive and massive immigration of migrants from the Middle East into select areas of the upper Midwest. Many of the migrants had undergone virtually no background checks or investigations and determining or verifying their identity was impossible or not done at all.


Welfare programs were expanded and offers of free stuff given to those who were unable or unwilling to work. This was simply a means of insuring dependency upon the government and was a form of indentured servitude (slavery). After 8 years of the Obama presidency the Transformation of America was well underway and virtually unopposed by Congress or the American people. Chicago style politics had reached a plateau in national politics. Obama was heralded as the fixer of all time. After 16 years in political office and 8 years as president his showmanship was on full display and everyone loved Barack Obama.


Even Stevie Wonder can see that political corruption was evident in the Obama administration. The next phase would begin once Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. Foreign powers had been apologized to extensively over an 8 year period. Hush money had been delivered, retainers received and sacred precious metals had been provided. The rich had become richer, the poor were still poor and the uninformed were very much still uninformed. Like an overripe tomato hanging on the vine, the stage had been set for the final curtain in the “Take down of America” with nobody the wiser. The corruption of the American political system was all but complete.


God had other plans. The unexpected, the unthinkable, the unfathomable happened. Hillary lost the 2016 election to political outsider Donald Trump with campaign promises to drain the swamp, build the wall and change the direction America’s government was going, he promised to make America great again.


This would become a most challenging presidency as corruption had encompassed the Democratic Party completely and seeped into the Republican Party as well. Both Chambers of Congress had been infected with a virus known as the #TrumpDerangementSyndrome (DTS Virus). This caused offshoots of the DTS Virus known as #ResistanceVirus, #TrumpOffendsMe and more popularly as the #WokeVirus. It’s not hard to follow many of these viruses directly to their source in various democratically controlled Caucuses within the Congress. They are nothing more than violations of the RICO statute where one or more individuals have cohered, colluded or intimidated members of Congress away from doing their collective and individual duties and attempting to bring the US government to a complete and total halt.


They are prime examples of Trickle-Down Corruption in American Politics. Left unchecked everyone loses! I am the Real Truckmaster!


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