Have You Bought Into The Lie?



Have You Bought Into The Lie?


The saying “Momma didn’t raise no fool” seems to have been proven false when it comes to present day politics. I’m not naming names or parties but simply watch the latest news feeds, campaign slogans and what is happening across the nation. Everyone’s a liar and nobody’s the wiser.


There are some who think that political figures walk on water and can do no wrong. Granted there are those who all but come out and say they are the “chosen one” and will eradicate all our hurts and life will be so much better…….if you vote for them.


Some of the 2020 presidential hopefuls are promising free tuition if you broke the law and snuck over the border.. I hear some want to give you free healthcare along with a free government check for just providing a valid address of residence and in some cases you can get a free driver’s license without proving you can even drive, and as a bonus a ticket to vote (although it be illegal) in local, state and federal elections.


Others are promising to send you back without that any of that free stuff if you have entered this nation unlawfully.


I’ve watched as politicians say they will legalize prostitution, tear down the wall, disband the Customs and Border Patrol service and throw open the gates of the “promised land” to anyone who comes here regardless of reason or purpose.


Some of the most mind-boggling are those who promise to end tax cuts and raise taxes on the filthy rich. Who in their right mind relishes paying higher taxes to the government? It’s almost funny because many of those advocating for higher taxes for the super-rich are themselves super-rich while working in government as public servants.


Others promise to bring under control Medicare and social security “benefits” because it’s just too costly to care for seniors, unless they have come here illegally and since when are social security payments considered “benefits”? Social Security is paid in by the worker without earning interest and after reaching a point of not being able to work, paid back as installments which in many cases the recipient us unable to collect all funds paid in due to sudden and urgent death.


So I ask “Have you bought into the lie”? Do you believe that those in congress have your best interests in mind? What have they accomplished thus far in their “public service career”?


A simple test is in order:


Have I as a member of congress made life easier, safer and more fulfilling for the voters who voted me into office?


Or have I enriched my own financial portfolio?


Have I truly looked out for the interests of my constituents?


Have I made the United States of America a better place than before I came into political office?


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see which way the wind blows, even on a cloudy day. If you listen to all the rhetoric being spewed by the political left, right or center. If you can see what is happening across the country and will admit that things are bad, but getting better then maybe there’s hope for us yet?


Don’t believe any of the he said or she said or they said about anyone. Listen to them with an open mind. Hear them out completely, not out of context. When you go to the polling booth, it’s just between you and that little piece of paper.


Vote your conscious; Vote for results; Vote for America! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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