Why the Prolonged Push for Impeachment?




Why the Prolonged Push for Impeachment?


Have you ever wondered about that or is it just me? We’ve been hearing it for the past 2 plus years and it started up in earnest just before the mid-term elections. It’s like the neighbors kid out in the garage making music with a single drum……bam…..bam…..bam……bam over and over and over until you either become sensitized to it or call the cops.


So why in 2019 is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still in the garage with that drum? And why is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer acting as her wingman? Is there some other agenda being “covered up” and we just can’t see it?


Let’s take a step back and relook at certain events from our most recent past. After President Trump was elected he held the infamous January meeting with congressional leaders to discuss some of the president’s important issues and then House Minority Leader Pelosi made an odd comment about Trump not realizing how much importance she brings to this meeting. That was just before Trump cancelled the meeting.


Ever since then Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer have led the charge of the light-headed brigade in their ongoing feud against President Trump. They have repeatedly threatened Trump with impeachment, over and over and over again and again. So much so that after the 2018 mid-term elections and Pelosi became House Speaker her call became louder and more frequent. Some might even call it an obsession.


Today I’ve had face-to-face conversions with one of my Republican friends and one of my Democratic friends and in each case the subject of impeachment has come up. As we discussed the pros and cons of it a new revelation became apparent.


It is my belief that the reason that House Speaker Pelosi who is #3 in the line of succession has been so adamant about not only impeaching the President, but also the Vice President. Guess where that would put her……….in the White House! Yup and just as surely as that would happen guess who would be picked to be her Vice President – Chucky Schumer. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot.


That would do two things immediately, first the House Democrats would have to select another speaker and guess who recently “filled in” for madam speaker – AOC! Also the Senate Democrats would have to select another Minority Leader and maybe Cory Booker is looking to apply for that job or maybe Kamala Harris? But they both have their eyes on the prize of White House occupancy.


I’m thinking on the outside chance of that happening, the nation would sink faster than the Titanic in the middle of the Atlantic.




Congress could quit all the waste and abuse of endless investigations and join the President in a bi-partisan effort to fix what ails the nation and the American citizens. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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