On The Great Democratic 2019 Debates




On The Great Democratic 2019 Debates


America is not a perfect country, and rather than becoming a democracy as some claim, or just another republic as we see in the world today, by design the United States of America is a Constitutional-Republic.  Our very foundation has established the Constitution as the Rule of Law for the nation.


Our nation and its Constitution have been under attack both from outside entities and from within our own government. Not only do we have a very real human rights issue at our southern border with Mexico, but we have national crisis coming from many fronts, international terrorism, trade wars, and theft of national treasurers and resources as well as national security issues. Our very economy has been hammered down on the verge of collapse. Our military has been reduced to the point of becoming inefficient with outdated equipment, over taxed personnel resources and as with any army the support of the people at home is all important. On the home front our public educational system is ineffective at educating the nation’s youth. Many leave school without a diploma, and/or without the skills necessary to become successful independent members of our society. Political Correctness has replaced common sense. Mass shootings envelope our schools, churches and public squares. Gun violence is at an all-time high in many areas.


Many of the 2020 presidential candidates are current and former legislators or governors and are well versed on the issues which threaten our nation’s very existence.


With all that being said I would have expected every presidential debate to be about fixing what is wrong in our nation. How are we going forward going to make a better nation for our children and grandchildren? Is there a plan? How do we “get there” from here? Is it sustainable? Which candidate has American interests at heart?


From the outtakes of the Democratic 2019 Debates this is what I’m seeing from virtually every candidate is supporting the right to murder through abortion America’s future and continue using taxpayer dollars to fund them.


Candidates choose to take care of illegals, more than food, shelter and clothing – shield them from prosecution and deportation for breaking US Immigration Laws, provide a living allowance and tuition free education.


Candidates are verbalizing increasing taxes on the other guy – the super-rich and the middle class. The redistribution of wealth from those who can and do work, to those who choose not to work and providing social security benefits to those who have not paid into social security.


Candidates encourage sanctuary cities and states while shielding law breakers from federal agents yet want to confiscate lawful gun ownership a clear violation of the US Constitution.


Candidates want to lower the voting age to 16 and to legalize non-US citizens to vote in elections another violation of the US Constitution.


In short rather than tackle the national security and safety issues plaguing American cities and American citizens, the single most priority of every candidate is simply to “Stop Trump” by any means.


Americans are much too smart than to allow politicians and/or the media to fool them into thinking that no jobs and higher taxes combined with open borders and massive public assistance is the way to fix anything and taking away guns disarms citizens and prevents them from defending themselves or their families from criminals who chose to act when there is little or no resistance.


Based on their own words, deeds and actions there is no redeeming value to voting for any Democratic Candidate. Their agenda is petty and vindictive in nature placing nothing ahead of getting the nomination. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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