The Politicization of America




The Politicization of America


If you’ve been following along with my blogs you should be able to see that my intent is not to ridicule or demean anyone but to stimulate that gray matter between the ears of my readers.


Like many of you I detest this Politicization of America that has overtaken normal common sense on a daily basis. As with each national election things tend to heat up over manufactured crises and events designed to pull attention away from the real problems we face as a nation.


To me it boils down to Honor and Respect for God, our nation’s leader and for the family. When we teach our children to honor God, obey his word and to love our neighbor as ourselves we are setting the stage for a peaceful life where God will provide for our needs.


Over time our country has booted God out of all facets of public life and replaced him with a host of gods and idols. We have collectively chosen to shy away from talking about anything religious unless it conforms to one of the many idols society has accepted.


It has become acceptable to bully and publicly shame others while declaring it is wrong to bully. We strongly stand for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as proclaimed in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the founding documents of our nation, unless it interferes with someone else’s happiness or what they want to do.


This includes the intentional murder of babies in the name of a woman’s right to choose. That has never been God’s intention, or his desire for even one of these little ones whom HE has created for a specific purpose in life.


What has really become acceptable is to publicly come out against our nation, while cashing our entitlement checks at the bank of never ending currency. Our “national” pride has been swallowed up by political correctness. We proudly wear “USA” as a fashion statement, but reject anything positive about this nation so many have shown outright distain. Our national sports teams are national in name only.


Like it or not the office of the President of the United States is to be respected and Donald J. Trump is our president. I will not sit by while someone continues to spread lies and distorted “truths” about the one whom God has placed in this important office of leading our nation. There has never been a president like him.


Never has one man assessed the situation of America, determined a course of action to bring about change that positively affects every single American citizen, and had to literally fight both the Congress and the media in order to bring about this change. So you don’t like his mannerisms, his “braggadociosness” or his use of Twitter or the rallies he uses to get his message out to the people?


So what? That is his style so get over it already.


Politically speaking Donald J. Trump is not your normal politician. He isn’t doing this for the money, fame or exposure to the media. He had all that and more as a private citizen. He is working to make America better, something others have only alluded to in order to get political votes.


There are many who want to “Stop Trump” anyway possible. The political contenders have clearly said that is their goal. They have no plan to make America great, but to take the very lifeblood of America and give to a government which has proven its inability to provide for the safety and security of the nation. I call that lunacy.


If a politician feels so strongly about their ability to bring positive change to America I challenge them to resign their office, position or political power and place all their efforts into a viable plan of their own. To run the race for the presidency without an expectation of success is ludicrous. To keep their position as their “plan B” shows their insincerity and/or inability to do what they promise politically.


If you’re tired of the politics stop feeding into the frenzy and stop buying the misinformation that is being feed to you.  Look around at the economy. Are there more jobs? Are less people using public assistance than in the past? What about the stock market? Is our military becoming stronger, newer equipment and assets?


On the world stage have our allies abandoned the United States because of President Trump? The answer is “No”! Have our adversaries taken notice of our intentions to place America first? The answer is a resounding “Yes”!


Looking past all the smoke and mirrors one will see that results matter. While others want to do things fast, President Trump has said that doing it right is more important than speed, as he deals with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


The world is in a constant state of change and the United States must be aware of this change as it happens and be prepared for any contingency. This includes the recent assault upon the sovereignty of the nation by the massive influx of migrants along the southern border. Immigration is important for every nation. Immigrants are the lifeblood of our nation, yet illegal immigration takes away from the resources of our nation and demonstrates the intent of those who illegally cross into the country.


It is not humane to house illegals while tripping over homelessness on the streets of America. It is not humane to allow subhuman conditions of living on the streets of our cities, turning them into third world communities without regard to the laws of our land. And it is not humane to look the other way when migrants transit any nation with the sole intent of disobeying the immigration laws of any nation.


When Americans begin rationalizing lawlessness as a human condition to be accepted, rather than taking steps to bring law and order out of chaos it is a sad state of affairs and speaks volumes for those who just sit around and criticize. Evil abounds when good men do nothing.


President Donald Trump is but one man. He has chosen to do what he can about what he sees wrong in America and has pledged to Make America Great Again. His vision has a plan, a means to an end, a way forward and it takes hard work and total commitment to make that vision a reality. I stand with President Trump! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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