Seriously Now?



Seriously Now?


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Throwing Caution to the Wind” and that’s exactly what happens preceding a presidential election season. The right throws at the left and the left at the right and at times neither hit their target.


The 2020 campaign season is a perfect example.


The candidates on the left use campaign slogans like “Feel the Bern” and pitch ideas that would make the Titanic sink by sheer lunacy:

Raise taxes (on the super wealthy, the middle class and well everyone);

Make it illegal to enforce immigration laws;

Free healthcare for all (you won’t be heartbroken if you lose your private insurance);

Lower the voting age to 16;

Take care of illegal immigrants (food, housing, medical, education and money);

Tear down Trump’s wall;

Decriminalize illegal migration;

Legalize abortions up to and including immediately after birth;

Legalize prostitution;

Encouraging and actively promoting division along racial ethnicity and religion;

Demeaning and marginalizing entire groups of Americans in order to shame them into voting party lines;

And take guns from law abiding citizens.


The list goes on endlessly in an attempt to turn the United States of America into a sanctuary country where anything goes and nobody is held accountable. It kind of sounds like the growing pains America went through say over the last 243 years.


The candidate on the right has a campaign slogan “Keep America Great” and has over the past 2 ½ years produced results like:

Placing America First (at home and in foreign affairs);

Protecting religious liberty under the Constitution;

Creating more Jobs resulting in higher employment of Americans;

Lower taxes which result in a better national economy;

Rebuilding of American military (equipment and pay);

Emphasis on America’s veterans by revamping the VA;

Defunding abortion providers in order to stop or greatly reduce abortions altogether;

Improved national security with construction on sections of the southern wall and pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, all of which will lead to better protection of American families.


One doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to see clearly what is happening in American politics. The political parties of the past have gone rogue. Democrats are now the party of socialistic and communistic ideology with the intent on fundamentally changing our nation by rendering the Constitution mute. Democratic politicians who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution are themselves chipping away at its pillars – The Bill of Rights.


Candidates on the left are quick to classify segments of society as un-American, Racist or Ignorant and traitors to their “race” for not staying true to the failed Democratic Party cause – the continued enslavement of American minorities.


The Candidate on the right is equally quick to tag Democratic candidates with monikers which reflect certain character traits or ideals using twitter and live rallies to garner support without demeaning Americans of either party while poking a bit of humor their way which causes them personal pain and confusion as how to respond.


The bottom line is this that we were American citizens before we associated with any political party. It is our privilege and our obligation as citizens to treat others fairly and with respect. We encourage immigrants coming to America, but will fight massive assaults upon the sovereignty of our nation through continuous unlawful entry of human traffickers, drug smugglers and illegal aliens.


Immigration is not a right, but a privilege and an opportunity for assimilation into the American culture and must be based upon what each immigrant brings to the table. Want a better life for your family? Come.


However if you intend harm, stay away. We will stop you.


Remember that freedom, liberty and citizenship are prizes that many seek. Each can be lost, surrendered or taken away.


Citizenship can be taken from those who obtain it under false pretenses or actively join the enemies of our nation. If you are in this country and decide that you are unhappy with living here you are free to leave and go back to the place you came from where you may find happiness once again.


I’m not an expert by any means. I have seen how people live in other countries. None have true freedom or liberty as we have in America, otherwise many would go there instead. I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone and into foreign territory to see for yourself, firsthand what it is like elsewhere. What you will find may amaze you and you will begin to appreciate the rights and freedoms we enjoy in America. Among them is the right to remain silent! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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