For What Purpose?



For What Purpose


That was the jest of Geraldo Rivera’s tweet over the ICE raids in Mississippi where 600 agents swept up 680 people who were in the country illegally. Geraldo tweeted, “For What Purpose”? So I’ll answer that question for someone who should surely know the answer, “To uphold the Rule of Law” according to the US Constitution. Local video shows school children crying as they find out their parents have been arrested. So I ask, “Whose fault is this”?


Illegal immigration has been a problem Congress has ignored for well over 50 years. I venture to say that every president since JFK has had to deal with the problem of unlawful immigration. So why hasn’t it gotten fixed? Money; power; or control – maybe we’ll never know?


The Bushes certainly knew about it. Clinton and Obama most certainly knew. Reagan knew about it. In fact every president had to know about it, because many of them came out of Congress before running for the highest office in the land.


I seem to recall then President Obama tell us that we cannot allow unvetted persons access into our nation. He also said that Obamacare would not be used on illegals. One US Representative spontaneously shouted “LIAR” and congress went nuts because someone openly challenged the President of the United States. That Representative Joe Wilson R-SC was almost censured over his outburst and apologized.


Almost 3 years ago then Candidate Trump said he would build a wall to stop illegal immigration and Congress responded by continually blaming him for fabricating this crisis. Some members have called for his impeachment, death and the overthrow of his administration. In my book that’s called Treason and the punishment is death!


What we have had is a very real national crisis whereby entire waves of foreign invaders have attempted to overwhelm CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) officials on the southern border. President Trump has gathered members of both political parties and both chambers of Congress asking for their support in increased funding for CBP and HLS; conducting Comprehensive Immigration Reform and fully funding a wall or retaining barrier to stop unlawful immigration. Not only has Congress said no, they have called for the removal of the existing wall, defunding and criminalizing CBP agents for ENFORCING US Immigration Laws, while calling the laws unfair and unlawful to enforce.


I may be wrong about this but is Congress not the place where laws are written? Do they not have the power to take an unfair law and change it? Is it not fair to say that Congress have become Law Breakers in the strictest sense of the word?


Members of Congress have gone so far as to vote against laws that would make illegals easier to identify, apprehend and prosecute. Various elected members of state and local governments have declared their entity a “sanctuary” or haven for illegals and law enforcement are forbidden to cooperate with federal immigration agents.


So to Geraldo’s question, “For What Purpose” I say this for national security, the integrity of the Rule of Law and the protection of the US Constitution on which it is based. What other purpose do you need? We are a nation of laws and a nation of basic human rights as well as rights listed under the Constitution, what we call the Bill of Rights.


When a person commits a crime, but gets away with it does it make that person any less a criminal? No, a bank robber is a bank robber is a bank robber. Because someone gets a job, maintains a low profile and lives under the radar they are no less a bank robber than when they first robbed a bank.


Same thing with killers, gang members and white collar criminals, once you commit the crime you must be prepared for doing the time. If you have family members they too will be affected for the rest of their lives and there is nobody else to blame except the one who did the crime.


US Immigration Laws provide for the arrest, prosecution and deportation of anyone who unlawfully crosses over into the United States. Furthermore anyone who helps, enables or assists someone to illegally cross into the US is also guilty and both can be permanently banned from re-entry. US citizens can be prosecuted and potentially have their citizenship revoked and they too could be deported. The law is clear, immigrate the proper way and you are welcomed, do it any other way and you are not.


Remember the life you hurt may not be just your own! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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