High Crimes and Misdemeanors – The Case for Impeachment

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High Crimes and Misdemeanors – The Case for Impeachment

(Updated periodically throughout the Trial)


We are living in historic times. Since the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States we have been continually bombarded with the threats of “Impeachment” from Congressional Democrats. The search for impeachable offenses began almost before close of business inauguration day 2017.


We have heard from seasoned life-time professional democratic members of both the House and the Senate calling for impeaching the President. He’s been called an imposter, a fake president, even a stooge of Russian President Putin.


We heard cries of “Trump’s getting us into a war with North Korea” because the talks in the private meeting with Kim Jong Un were held in private and as of today – no war?


We heard “Trump’s making a fool out of the US” when going along with the program didn’t happen during international meetings of world leaders.


We also heard more impeachment cries from freshman members of Congress who went so far as to make their cries derogatory in nature on live television.


There were a number of sitting members of Congress “challenging” each other in a vain attempt to go head-to-head with President Trump during the upcoming 2020 election, just as I thought – much ado about nothing. They wanted to have their names up in lights as those who went against Trump, only one thing – they all dropped out except for a very select and hopeful few.


So here we are in January 2020 and finally after all the name calling and hype the House decides to Impeach the President because they can (really under the Constitution they are the only ones who can), but their long list of offenses boiled down to “Abuse of Power” and “Obstructing Congress” –  Come on now? House and Senate Democrats (and Republicans) have been abusing their congressional powers and obstructing the President since the inauguration.


At first it was imminently dangerous for the nation to wait until after the 2020 election. So after an “investigation for show” and a huge announcement that “Trump has been impeached and that is forever” – Speaker Pelosi, it took 4 weeks to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The reason it took so long was the House attempting to pressure Senate Majority Leader McConnell into agreeing to Pelosi’s terms for the trial (not Constitutional). This brought out cries for a fair and balanced trial in the Senate, or it’s just a Republican cover-up (more posturing).


Next came the signing of the articles using special “Nancy Pelosi” pens, which she handed out to her Democratic House colleagues and the ceremonial “transmitting” of the articles by a televised procession of House “managers” so everyone could see.


At the Senate the first order of business was the swearing in of the Chief Justice and the ceremonial signing of the pledge to be fair and impartial by all members, next the trial of the President.




After 1 full week of Democratic posturing, appealing and finally insulting bullying techniques from the House “Managers” who tried to convince the Senate and the public that “All Thoughts Matter”, especially perceived thoughts by Congressional House mind readers.


I finally had an opportunity to sit down and watch what turned out to be the final 30 minutes of Saturday’s Presidential defense team literally tearing apart the biased House’s unethical impeachment process. Citing past presidential impeachment precedence, Supreme Court cases referencing due process and procedure it took a total of 2 hours to shred the grossly mishandled and bungled sham impeachment.


I have to admit I began by recording the opening remarks by House “Manager” Schiff but had to turn it off after it became obvious that he was simply posturing as is his habit before the mainstream media for the past 3 years.


I attempted tuning in at the beginning of each day of the trial and could only stomach a few minutes before I began thinking to myself “The View” would be better than this. Yuk! The saying there is no honor among thieves became apparent throughout this procedure.


Today even though I got in on the tail end of today’s proceedings it was in my opinion the best 30 minutes of the day. The Senate recessed until Monday and with somewhere around 23 hours remaining in the Presidential defense it will definitely require recording.


I read that after the session was adjourned Chairman Schiff went straight to Fox to complain about the President’s defense team. Somebody ought to put a lollipop in that man’s mouth and send him home to momma Nancy or something.


I trust that American’s are calling in sick, forgoing their traditional lunch pastimes and stay glued to the television = CSPAN2 for the unedited methodical rundown of what the House should have done as they claim President Trump has shredded the Constitution, when in fact they have all but ground it underfoot. Time to take a break and wait until the Senate convenes.




I turned on the TV this morning to watch Meet the Press and low and behold who did my eyes see – Rep. Adam Schiff fixing to tell his side of the truth to anyone who hasn’t already heard it in Congress already over the past 3 years.  I don’t know about you but that sounds more and more like the boy who cried wolf. Why am I surprised at the “solemnness” of this presidential impeachment and the way the House Dems cling to television cameras to tell why everyone else is wrong and they’re the only ones who are right? (That’s a rhetorical question in case you don’t know). Maybe that’s why in normal court cases the judge sequesters the jury? (Another one).




I depend upon CSPAN2 to provide the unvarnished live feed on the happenings of Congress and the President. Yesterday prior to the actual trial I watched Senate Majority Leader Schumer and other Democratic Senators gather in front of the media to put their spin on the trial. To be fair I muted the sound and did not turn on captioning as I wanted nothing to distract or influence the continuation of the trial. I got a late start on watching the trial so I went to the beginning of today’s proceedings and listened to the President’s legal team continue his defense. What I heard and saw made it very clear that according to the Constitution House Speaker Pelosi began the Impeachment of President Trump flawed from the start.


The Constitution gives the sole power of Impeachment to the House of Representatives, not to a person or party in power at the time. In fact the first order of business should have been a roll call of “all hands on deck” and a full vote for Impeachment with 435 members of the house voting Yea or Nay. Procedurally that did not happen. What did happen began 19 minutes after President Trump was inaugurated and continued throughout the President’s current term of office with Speaker Pelosi moving forward with Impeachment on her own initiative. The is a clear abuse of power and a violation by Speaker Pelosi and the House.


What also became evident was the Constitution clearly states in Article II, Section 4 – The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The charges levied against President Trump were for Abuse of Power and Obstructing Congress which in themselves are vague and not even crimes, let alone high crimes. The Impeachment investigation hoax has been at best shoddy and poorly done. Well beneath the ethical standards of the House of Representatives.


Based upon the material presented by the President’s legal team members and former members of Congress HAVE violated Article II, Section 4 and there are in fact Impeachable Offences that the House have overlooked that constitutes criminal action on behalf of members of the House as well. What was also shown was the former Vice President Joe Biden actually engaged in and admitted to threatening to withhold US Aid funding to Ukrainian unless they get rid of a certain prosecutor investigating a Ukrainian company of which his son was a board member. That is quid pro quo with an actual crime committed by a high ranking US official (Vice President Biden).


If you were watching the proceedings on main stream media, the testimony by legal team member Pam Bondi was not allowed to air in order to protect Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. This is a clear case of “the Swamp” covering for its own and the deep state clearly moving to suppress critical evidence from American voters.  Today is sure to be another exciting day of testimony as the Presidential defense team continues shredding the partisan efforts to remove a President without an impeachable crime being committed.


The President’s defense team finished laying out the case for dismissing the articles of impeachment as they do not meet the Constitutional standard for High Crimes and Misdemeanors or grounds for removal from office. White House Counsel Jay Sekulow issued a stern warning to Senators – Warning! Warning! Warning! The Presidential Defense Team rested more than 10 hours ahead of schedule.


Senatorial Impeachment Rules govern the questioning phase and length of time for each question and must be written down and submitted to Chief Justice Roberts. Questions will be taken from both sides of the isle and is scheduled to last 2 8 hour days.



Yesterday was day 1 of a 2 day answer session of the Impeachment Trial phase. It was interesting to note that House Democratic leaders threatened that should the Senate fail to impeach the President, they would file Articles of Impeachment for “Obstruction of Congress” due to the President’s legal defense team. I take it as more than a veiled threat that threatens the separation of the Chambers of Congress.

There were many questions asked of both sides. The answers were revealing. In fact the House Managers insisted there can be no trial without witnesses, forgetting the fact that during the House investigation phase it was their sole responsibility to do just that – call witnesses. At one point in the questioning the President’s Legal Team said that IF the Senate chose to allow witnesses one of the first would be House Manager Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden and the yet unnamed whistleblower. When questioned further about the number of witnesses called during the House investigation that proved their case conclusively, the defense said then we don’t need to call any witnesses. What is obvious after one day of questioning the House case has not been substantiated by fact or proven at all.




Yesterday I was only able to sit and watch a little more than 2 hours of the question and answer session. What struck me was the House Managers continue to see Secretary Bolton as a necessity when answering almost every question. So why did they not see him as such over the past several months of investigation? I saw a video clip of Bolton saying the President’s 2 phone conversations were pleasant. (Didn’t they have access to this same tape?)


The narrative keeps shifting and now they are saying it’s a presidential scheme to cheat in the 2020 election, when in fact the impeachment is just that. Manager Schiff said its right here in plain sight, and he was. And when representing the House Managers in answering questions why did he feel the need to go and provide his answers to questions asked solely to the President’s defense team?


I agree with a point re-emphasized by the President’s legal team – the “Impeachment” has been invalid from the beginning. When asking for documents using shortcuts or improperly, those requests were not honored. When told the grounds of not honoring the requests, the House failed to take the necessary corrective action.


The Democratic talking points have shifted entirely over the course of the trial and now that Secretary Bolton’s manuscript on a book not even released yet, coupled with a newspaper article citing from the not yet released book has been read into the trial as “evidence” of presidential wrongdoing I find it hard to take anything said by the House Managers seriously.


I think that should the Senate vote to call witnesses it should be very controlled alternating 5 per side and limit questioning/cross-examination to 10 minutes each side. It would be interesting to see who would be called and who would not show up?


Well back to monitoring the festivities of the day where hearsay “evidence” is called “proof” and legislators say nobody is above the law, while they perch themselves above the Constitution (which is the law).


The Senate voted against calling witnesses and documents for a very good reason – during the trial phase of a presidential impeachment it’s not their place to become investigators for the House. To recap on what the President’s legal team has said repeatedly during the trial – if Manager Schiff was in a criminal trial and went into court asking the judge to call witnesses or for documents he had not sought prior to the hearing there would have been a mistrial declared and the case would be over.


It is the job of the Senate to try the evidence presented by the House and make a determination of guilt or innocence under the law. There will be a conclusion rendered by Thursday by the Senate and announced by the Chief Justice and this will be over.


It has been a great miscarriage of justice in that for 3 years the House has threatened President Trump with impeachment. Let that sink in. In that time the House did not vote for impeachment, nor did they begin “investigating” to discover evidence or interview witnesses until a little over 2 months prior to the announcement of Articles of Impeachment. During those 2 months there was no representation or defense allowed by the President or his legal team. The hearings were closed, secreted away in the basement bunker and routinely leaked to the media. No due process or fairness for the President or the American justice system.


Evidence presented to the Senate during the trial phase was based on hearsay not fact. Video clips and slides of “testimony” were presented but nothing was based upon fact, simply twisted and even made up words by House Managers. More importantly the Articles of Impeachment were not impeachable offenses in their title, nor their definition and were therefore a sham, debunked easily by the President’s defense team.


The reaction and response of the House, House Managers and Senate Democrats thus far have indicated that they consider anything done by the Senate to be a cover up and not to be accepted, but will lead to more impeachment charges in a hurried attempt at election interference for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.


The fact that Senate Democrats competing with President Trump for the office of President do not see the conflict of interest they present by voting against their political opponent (an assertion they levy against President Trump).



Closing Arguments


Today the Senate convened for closing arguments by House Managers and the President’s legal team. To be fair I do not lend credibility anything said by the House Managers as their case as layed out by the summary from the President’s legal team shows the Articles of Impeachment failed on both its face and definition (counts 1 and 2). The Senate adjourned until tomorrow (2-4-2020) when there will be a roll call vote on each Article of Impeachment.


My concerns are that during the investigation phase much has surfaced indicating at the very least conflicts of interest concerning members of both the House and Senate in relation to some personal or family involvement with Ukraine for the past several years or the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election where various members of the Senate are running for the Democratic nomination in a bid to challenge President Trump in November.


Names that have come up in relation to Ukraine are Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, Romney, Kerry. Names of Democratic and former 2020 candidates serving in Congress are Warren, Harris, Booker, and Sanders. Each of those named above should recuse themselves of any involvement in the Impeachment or the pending Senatorial vote on the Articles of Impeachment for political bias against President Trump. I doubt that any of those named will do the honorable thing, as they are heavily involved in both the Deep State and the Swamp.



The Conclusion – Not Guilty!


This is especially gratifying and alarming to see 100 Senators vote to acquit President Donald John Trump of both Articles of Impeachment.


Article 1 rendered a 48 – 52 vote = Not Guilty


Article 2 rendered a 47 – 53 vote = Not Guilty


While the vote was done primarily along party lines it is alarming that Senators did not vote on the Constitutionality of these articles.


The garbled case presented by House Managers did not allege or prove an actual crime, simply policy disagreements and outright hatred of the President.


The defense clearly showed that the Impeachment process followed in the House was improper and unconstitutional in the manner it was conducted, in secret with frequent leaking to the press and without the constitutional safeguards established by jurisprudence.  Ignore the rule of law and the response should have been no surprise.


It now falls on the American voters to determine in the upcoming presidential election not only the President, but whether members of congress who acted in bad faith should remain in office as well?


There will be consequences for those who conducted illegal threats by intimidation of House members, threatening members of the Senate and even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sitting on the Court of Impeachment, as well as threats of disbarment against the President’s legal team for insuring a proper defense. I trust the DOJ will seek out those wrongdoers and begin appropriate legal action.


Thus far the Presidential Impeachment has been an over-reach of political power, an exercise in futility, a test of strength and patience by Americans.


I am the Real Truckmaster!



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