Congressional Malfeasance in 2020




Congressional Malfeasance in 2020


The American people have been subject to the highest of crimes and misdemeanors right in front of their eyes. I’m talking about election interference by collusion and in some cases acts of treason while placing the blame squarely in attempts to cover up or allege crimes on innocent parties. These are impeachable offenses and they are going unanswered.


Let us go back to the campaign season 2015 – 2016 and there was a huge blowup concerning the DNC server being hacked in May 2016. The DNC called cybersecurity Crowdstrike to investigate and on June 14 two viruses (Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear) were discovered on the DNC server. The FBI was not allowed access to the DNC server during their investigation of election interference. Why not? On July 5, 2016 we were told the DNC server was hacked by Russia. The person or entity called Guccifer 2.0 took responsibility for both intrusions. Immediately it was alleged that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia – Watergate all over again.


Information released after the fact shows that the DNC server was located in the Ukraine. How did that happen? Who made that decision? If I remember correctly there were 2 brothers working as Information Technicians for the DNC while employed part time by a number of Democratic legislators with full access to the congressional computer system. Once they were found out, they were allowed to leave the country and fled overseas, possibly back to Ukraine. During the past 3 years of the Trump presidency we have heard nothing substantial about them. We have heard plenty about the so called Trump-Russia Collusion hoax and more recently during the Trump Impeachment Trial we’ve been subject to the Trump-Ukraine so called drug scheme that was really a hunt for Hunter and Joe Biden involvement in Ukrainian money laundering and bribery scheme. This is an impeachable offense but for former VP Joe Biden who did not see the clear conflict of interest.


I know that we have some really smart members of congress on both sides of the isle with many of them former prosecutors, legal professionals and even judges. So why are we having such lackluster performances being displayed in the public forum when it comes to cases of national security or election interference?


Case in point is the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump has been simply a case of pin non-crimes on the President that frames them in hearsay and innuendoes while feeding to the mind reading hysteria displayed by the House Managers who by all accounts have been very successful prosecutors prior to becoming legislators. It appears that House Democrats have been bullied to the point that dissenting or pulling away from party leaders is political suicide. What is needed is voter turnout and action to return sensible legislators to Congress. It’s time to stop being Democrats and Republicans and begin acting like American citizens! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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