The Schumer – Trump Letter Exchange



The Schumer – Trump Letter Exchange


Here is my take on yesterday’s heated letter exchange between Senator Chuck Schumer who sent President Trump a letter accusing the President and his administration of mishandling the response to the Coronavirus. That was a letter that should never have been sent.


The wording of the letter was deliberately demeaning by addressing the letter to The Honorable Donald J. Trump, instead of President Donald J. Trump. Several false allegations were made throughout blaming the unpreparedness of the Trump administration in dealing with the Personal Protection Equipment supply shortage issues at city and state level in New York and other states. In short the federal response was said to be greatly lacking and the lack of leadership by President Trump was to blame.


What was meant as a stinging indictment literally backfired as President Trump responded with what his administration has been doing while battling Congress over the impeachment hoax? President Trump corrected the misstatements made by Senator Schumer and made it clear that failures at the New York state level were done over a number of years and under Senator Schumer’s watch. Had Senator Schumer actually worked for the citizens of New York he should have seen to it they were better prepared. President Trump told him what he already should have known that the federal government is the backup to state government, not the other way around.


Since this happened just yesterday I’m wondering who leaked the letters to the media purely for political purposes? Within hours of the letter exchange members of Congress and the media have taken this story and ran with it in favor of Senator Schumer.


I hate to say this but Senator Schumer seriously misjudged President Trump’s ability as a counterpuncher to effectively respond. What will happen is Senator Schumer’s tenure in office and the fact that he is coming up for reelection in November 2020 might loosen his grip with the people of New York who have blindly voted for him all these years.


What I gather from this exchange is that it is a smoke screen to hide the incompetence of certain members of Congress who continue to put politics over lives. Their continued attempts to bankrupt the nation while lining their own pockets and during a crisis is mindboggling since these members of Congress would rather work against President Trump and his administration. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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