Trump Myth or Legend




Trump Myth or Legend


Let me be clear I do not know or have ever met the man so many liberals love to hate, the 45th President of the United States Donald John Trump who was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York City, New York. That being said what I know is from books I have chosen to read, news feeds and Twitter and personal observation over the past 4+ years.


I am a home-grown blogger having written a number of blog posts in defense of this man many refuse to call “My President”. I can honestly say that if you are an American citizen living in the US or abroad Donald Trump is your President. If that doesn’t sit well with you then you have the option to exercise your right to move and renounce your citizenship or exercise your Maranda right to remain silent.


I have heard from my Democratic, Independent and Republican friends all the banter and hype about Trump. He’s a racist; womanizer; divorcee X 2; failure; only interested in money; crude; braggart;  foul mouth; draft dodger and golfs too much, all those and more. Of those who spout all those allegations I have never heard one of them say they know it firsthand but have been conditioned by what the media puts out and what Trump affectionately “Fake News”. I’m not saying that those are all true or all false. What I am saying is without digging deeper it’s easy to take those at face value.


I have heard rumors, backed up by actual news stories where many years ago Trump actually stopped his limo to stop a mugging in downtown New York City and held the mugger until police arrived. There is the story of hundreds of active duty soldiers stranded without a means of getting home for an upcoming holiday and Trump sent his aircraft (making several trips) to get those soldiers home for the holiday. There was the time when a celebrity suffered a terrible tragedy and Trump put her up in Trump Tower for free as she dealt with the murder of her family members. Or the time Trump paid for the wedding of a staffer who later slandered him for a not too distant book deal. These are verifiable accounts that anyone can Google or research with just a little bit of effort. Unless you have personal firsthand knowledge or are a Trump insider it is critical that you look at the whole “package” that is Donald John Trump before you simply cast your judgement.


From what I have read and have seen President Trump is street smart growing up a few years ahead of me, but in the streets of New York City. As a kid I’m sure he was a handful as his dad Fred Trump decided to enroll him in 1959 at the New York Military Academy (age 13) to straighten him out. In Fred’s book there were two kinds of people, killers (winners) and losers. There was no middle ground. At the NYMA Trump’s chief instructor was a WWII combat veteran who taught it wasn’t just about winning, winning was the only thing! So growing up in the 1960’s streets of New York City the die had already been cast for Donald Trump, he would either sink or swim. He adapted at the boarding school and ended up doing exceptionally rising to become the cadet leader however his sights were set even higher. Trump went first to Fordham University at age 18, then transferring to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania while working in the family business.


For those who harp on misinformation that Trump was a draft dodger let me clarify some things. While going to college Trump obtained four student deferments. In 1966 his medical examination deemed him fit for military service. Trump earned his bachelor’s degree at Wharton in economics in 1968 and a local draft board classified him as eligible to serve. In October 1968 Trump became medically deferred and classified as 1-Y (unqualified for duty except in case of national emergency). In 1972 Trump was reclassified 4-F due to bone spurs (permanent disqualification).


Let me interject something here. I am just 3 years younger and began my military service in 1967 during the Vietnam War. I have classmates who dropped out of high school and joined the army national guard in order to not end up in Vietnam, while others joined an active military branch to go to Vietnam. Many of them did go to Vietnam.


Student deferments do not make you a draft dodger neither does medical disqualification for military service. Many young men wanting to serve were turned down during the physical examination and classified as 4-F (unfit for military service) and that does not make them draft dodgers.


What does make you a draft dodger is misusing student deferments or enrolling in the Reserve Officer Training Course in college and not completing the program, getting ordered to active duty and leaving the country in order to avoid serving (Ask former President Bill Clinton how that works).


Fred Trump was a real taskmaster and a no nonsense businessman who demanded the best from Fred Jr. who he expected to take over the family business E. Trump and Son. Donald was not expected to take over yet circumstances intervened and it was Donald who at age 25 was named president in 1971 of the company he renamed The Trump Organization.


Trump was a brash young entrepreneur with the lifestyle of a player in New York. He took many chances in business that had a mixture of failure and successes. This was echoed in his personal life as well as he married and divorced the loves of his life. What I find interesting was the way he taught his children the family business, from the ground up and it was not his style to do it otherwise.


What many people don’t know is that Trump was a Democrat until 1987. He contributed generously to the political campaigns of prominent Democrats, some of whom are still in office today. In 1987 – 1999 Trump switched parties to the Reform Party 1999 – 2001, and became an Independent 2011 – 2012 before switching to the Republican Party 2012 – Present. Donald Trump can be seen with various members of the rich and famous, including politicians whose pockets he lined with campaign donations. They all wanted to be seen with their “sugar daddy”.


So what changed? I think the meeting of President Reagan brought Trump around to the Republican Party. He could see the effect Reagan had on the people and his policies had across the global economy. I believe it was around 1986 during a Barbara Walters television interview she asked if he would ever consider running for President. Trump said only if the country needed him.


Trump’s business dealings were filled with controversy involving lawsuits and compromises. Not being from the east coast I never heard about or cared what was happening in New York City or with Donald Trump. I did not know that in 1988 Trump purchased Eastern Air Lines, rebranded it Trump Shuttle failed to earn a profit operating until 1992 before selling it to USAir. Nor did I know that from 1996 – 2015 Trump owned part or all of the Miss Universe pageants, including Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.  In 2002 Trump moved both pageants from CBS to NBC until 2015. Trump then sold the Miss Universe Organization to the William Morris talent agency. In 2003 Trump co-produced and hosted The Apprentice and later co-hosted The Celebrity Apprentice.


What really brought Donald J. Trump on the national scene was as a virtual unknown, non-political outsider when he ran and won the 2016 election as the 45th President of the United States against political favorite former FLOTUS, Senator and Secretary Hillary Clinton? This has been a sore spot for Democrats and liberals causing a virtual meltdown often called Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Over the past 3+ years the Trump Administration has seen a virtual assault on the presidency by liberal leftists and Democratic politicians and Main Stream Media outlets attempting to discredit and bring down President Trump from allegations of misconduct, alleged foreign collusion and trumped up charges leading to Trump being only the third president to be impeached amounting to an attempted and yet unsuccessful coup de taut. As we approach the November 2020 elections it is clear that none of the democratic challengers have anything substantial to bring to American voters except higher taxes, taking away guns and other rights guaranteed in the Constitution.


The best economy in US history with hundreds of thousands of American’s working than ever before and many voters are seriously questioning Democratic Party goals and purpose. It is my humble opinion the current COVIN-19 outbreak was aimed at bringing down the booming US economy, effecting the upcoming elections and virtually affecting world economies across the globe. I’ll leave you with food for thought and suggest that rather than relying on the hyperventilating of the main stream media or online bloggers (like me) do your own investigating. Exercise that gray matter between your ears. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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