Trump Is Not That Good?




Trump Is Not That Good?


I take a lot of flak for writing about President Trump, but I guess not as much as he takes on a daily basis. Here is what I hear (read) people are saying about him.


Trump golfs too much; he’s not even a good golfer; he cheats at golf; and taxpayers pay for it.


Well let me clue you in to a little secret – many people golf too much, but if Trump owns the golf course why not golf all he wants?


Trump’s not even a good golfer, neither am I but if golf is a way to relax he doesn’t even have to be good at it, just enjoying being on the course is a stress relief.


Trump cheats at golf, again if he owns the golf course – well he does own the golf course and can cheat all he wants. Is anybody going to kick him off?


Taxpayers pay for Trump’s golf trips – Yeah he’s President of the United States and much of what he does is paid by tax dollars, and in case you don’t know he hasn’t taken a presidential salary in over 3 years and has accomplished a lot more than any other politician in history. Don’t believe me, name one since George Washington?


Another comment is Trump is conceited and doesn’t feel bad about hurting other people’s feelings.


I hate to burst that bubble but there is a difference between confident and conceit. Trump knows what he is allowed to do as President according to the Constitution. He also has advisors to insure what he wants to do doesn’t violate his authority. Knowing his authority and when to use it means he must spend a lot of time mapping out his plan for the day, week or even longer. Then evaluate how his political opponents will react and readies his response accordingly. One of Trump’s little known secrets has always been to know your enemy (opponent). Trump is a high stakes risk taker who doesn’t do something just to see if he can do it but will look at the options to determine if it’s even worth doing. Someone once said that while others are playing checkers, Trump is playing Chess and at least 7 moves ahead.


“Remember this, nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy. Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what is right. And they know what is right, but they don’t have the courage or the guts or the stamina to take it and to do it. It’s called the road less traveled.” – Donald J. Trump.


Years ago after renaming The Trump Organization he started by trademarking and branding various projects with the Trump name. It was a time in America when professional pride was seriously lacking. Workers had not invested themselves in their work and often did less than their best. Trump on the other hand did not simply want to put his name on anything less than the very best property or project he built. Trump took a risk and they thought he was vane. Trump solicited the very best and brightest project manager for each specific project and was one of the first to hire a woman as project manager when he began his signature project – Trump Tower.


Now Trump does hurt other people’s feelings with his direct from the heart dealings with those who are behaving badly or acting stupidly. Trump doesn’t sugar coat it either. His catch phrase “You’re Fired” have brought many to tears.


As President, Trump uses every tool in his personal toolbox. Twitter is one of his favorites because his words are free of censuring and go directly to the people. One person remarked that his wife said Twitter to Trump is like a laser pointer and a cat. The media is the cat and goes off instantaneously without checking the source or verifying what was actually tweeted.


From the very beginning of Trump’s campaign for the presidency he focused on one specific theme – Making America Great Again and using a red baseball cap as the team color. There are some on the left that see a red cap and instant hatred ensues. They blame Trump for causing hatred and division when it is their own narrowly focused perspective that doesn’t allow rational thought. If you look back over the past 4 years there have been hate crimes committed left and right by those who can’t stand it that Trump supporters are so adamant and faithful to him and his administration. I have yet to hear of or read about a Trump supporter going off on someone on an innocent bystander yet virtually all of the domestic terrorism committed in the USA comes from the liberal left.


I’ve been saying for a very long time all that is going on is not about Trump. It’s more about you and me. It’s about how we react to events around us. Do we put our trust in President Donald Trump? I for one do. I trust that President Trump is being led by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God to do what amounts to an impossible task. Destroy political correctness in America and stop evil from engulfing our very lives. Ultimately I place myself, my family and my country into the hands of God because I know that God is in control.


To you who say Trump is not that good – you are absolutely right! President Trump is beyond good. As Tony the Tiger would say, “HE’S GREAT”! – I’m the Real Truckmaster!


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