The Muddy Waters

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The Muddy Waters


A few years ago I was driving from a small town in Idaho toward the Oregon border. As I got nearer I noticed the Snake River covered with a heavy fog that made driving on I-84 completely unsafe. My immediate concern was not the freeway speed of 75 MPH or the fact that the highway had rapidly disappeared. I was worried about other drivers coming up behind me as I slowed to a safer speed or approaching traffic crossing the divider and crossing into my lane. I had made that trip so many years ago from Caldwell, Idaho over to Ontario, Oregon but never in a heavy fog like that early morning as I went to the Toyota dealership for an oil change and to check on my aunt Anita. That was then and today as I look at what’s happening with the Coronavirus causing worldwide economies to come crashing down just like the creeping fog I think it is more than just a coincidence.


We are experiencing a global meltdown over a virus nobody can see or knows what happened to let it out. Is it a natural bug or a manmade virus and was it accidentally or intentionally released upon the world we live in? Biblical scholars refer to the book of Revelations and what is written about the end times. Non-believers simply refuse to believe it is anything to worry about as they scurry around panic buying toilet paper, cleaning supplies and looking for their local government to provide them with germ free facemasks.


I recently watched a cable news program’s investigative report on this very thing and what they uncovered is beyond believable. There are several nations across the globe that conduct biochemical experiments in highly secure facilities that are Level 3 & 4 Biolabs dealing with the deadliest viruses known to mankind. These are top secret facilities and access is tightly controlled. The high level experiments are primarily for scientific purposes but can be for biological warfare purposes.


It’s unclear when these tests began, but in 2014 during the Obama Administration the White House threatened to defund these types of projects, but relented and testing continued. One such test was in a Biolab in North Carolina in 2015 where the virus of Horseshoe Bats (native to Wuhan, China) were used in what was called “Gain of Function” testing designed to enhance exposure and transmission rates making the virus more deadly. What was also interesting was who the participants were and where they were from. Two of the participants were from Wuhan, China. One was Zheng-Li Shi a well-known Chinese scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Biolab located in Wuhan, known for maintaining more than 1,500 of the deadliest live viruses on the planet.


What is interesting is that in December 2019 Chinese nationals began returning from Wuhan, China to their jobs in Europe, Asia and the United States about the time the first case of what the Chinese labeled 2019-nCoV. This is a SARS-COV-2 coronavirus affectionately dubbed the Wuhan Virus, but renamed COVID-19.


As the investigative report showed on 7 February 2020 a Chinese Doctor Li Wenliang first noticed something peculiar and sounded the alarm in Wuhan. He was promptly detained, became infected and died of the 2019-nCoV. On 12 March 2020 Chinese Property Mogul Ren Zhiqiang complained about the CCP’s handling of the coronavirus and he too simply disappeared. There was another Doctor Ai Fen who disappeared under mysterious circumstances without so much as an explanation by the Communist Chinese Party. In fact a massive disinformation campaign has been launched in an attempt to shift the blame on US military personnel who participated in the World Military Competition during October 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. When I wrote my blog “Assessing the Wuhan Virus” people became afraid and lashed out because I had written my critique. I stand by that assessment and today ask is it coincidence or consequence?


We now know that many infected Chinese personnel left Wuhan, China and went out into the world spreading this unknown virus where ever they went. Many travelled on direct flights to neighboring countries to an unsuspecting world. The World Health Organization (WHO) acted negligent and complacent to inform the world of this health hazard. That ultimately led to many more infections and deaths worldwide.


Rather than raise questions concerning the WHO handling of this pandemic, once President Trump announced suspending funding until an investigation is conducted, many American politicians have chosen sides with China and WHO.


Nobody has raised questions like why have 174 different nations all chosen to shut down, issue stay-at-home orders to their citizens, close arbitrary businesses that are the livelihood of many ordinary citizens while allowing those deemed essential to stay open? What exactly makes one essential? Is it booze, pot, abortions, convenience stores, fast food eateries, grocery stores and supermarkets? And Who made the determination for all 174 countries? Something smells like dirty rotten socks. It stinks like the approaching fog of the New World Order or a pre-One World Government.


In America there is a saying that diapers and politicians need to be changed and for the same reason as changing dirty socks. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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