More Than Meets The Eye




More Than Meets The Eye


It is nearing the end of April and since December 31st when China announced to the World Health Organization the existence in Wuhan of the 2019-nCoV soon dubbed SARS-CoV-2 everyone was taken literally by surprise.


The saga of the invisible virus now simply called the Coronavirus has lead experts to predict death tolls that would be astronomically high per capita and there was no cure. Next we were told to shelter in place (stay-at-home) so as not to spread the virus. Across the nation we were silently accepting what we were fed and locked up tight in our homes. We were told our jobs were non-essential and businesses were forced to close and noncompliance would result in prison sentences and hefty fines. We were led to believe that hospitals would be unable to handle the number of Coronavirus cases that were predicted as medical supplies (masks, gloves, gowns and ventilators) were non-existent or in critically short supply plus federal warehouses either had little or no stocks on hand.


Federal pressure have acted to coordinate manufacturing of personal protective equipment and temporary medical hospitals to handle the anticipated epidemic, while a number of hospitals laid off medical staff (doctors, nurses and specialists) and actually closed their doors due to inactivity.


The fate of humanity was in the balance as nation after nation shut down entire economies as people died. Seemingly the first casualties of this COVID-19 pandemic were toilet paper, hand sanitizer and medical grade masks as panic buying took the world literally by storm.


If that wasn’t enough there was little or no mention of the COVID-19 affecting the masses of homeless people squatting or camping out in urban cities across the nation. Were they locked in their tents and shelters on city streets as the nation hunkered down? Then it began in state after state where governors began releasing prisoners fearing the COVID-19 would spread within individual state penal systems.


We have churches spreading hope for a lost and dying world, locked down as mass gatherings are now prohibited. We have small businesses closed and many will never recover. Medical facilities are shut down and non-critical surgeries have completely stopped. On the flip side liquor stores and abortion clinics are still open. What is the solution? How are we going to get thru this pandemic? Is anybody going to get out alive?


With all that is going on around us nobody can see the forest for the tree that is impaled our own eyes. To have an entire planet shut down for an invisible virus with no cure is ridiculous. We have economies on the verge of collapse and the mass production of currency aimed at keeping nations afloat with no sustainability. We see the morphing of deaths from various causes all being coded as COVID-19 caused or contributed, even though there is no evidence to substantiate it, why?


An old saying comes to mind, “Follow the money”! It would appear that the widespread misuse or mismanagement of local, state and federal funds allow those in power able to use the COVID-19 pandemic to make cities and states profitable again.  Remember there is no such thing as a free ride. It has been recently released to the public that COVID-19 deaths bring substantially more federal funds to the hospital, city and state where the death occurred so long as the cause or contributing cause is the virus. From the beginning the finger pointing began as politicians postured in anticipation of the presidential campaign season, debates and the upcoming November 2020 presidential election. The horizon is beginning to look bright for those sequestered at home because now they can clearly see how incompetent many political leaders really are. It is time to take names and action to insure that those politicians who couldn’t get wet if they fell into the ocean are replaced by competent patriotic Americans who use the Constitution as a guide, not as toilet paper. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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