Corruption Within The Democratic Party

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Corruption Within the Democratic Party


It is so in your face that today we see it as the norm in politics but hasn’t it always been that way? I wonder if it is bred and groomed in colleges and universities across this nation. It stands to reason that as many politicians are attorneys or lawyers there has to be a common denominator in the culture of educational “institutions of higher learning” an oxymoron if there ever was. Attorney’s study the law and doctors study medicine and both take an oath. One to defend the accused, the other to save human life and both are noble causes worth pursuing. Our culture and our very lives depend upon them.


The issues come to the surface when the learned ones begin to see themselves as the savior of a cause and they veer of their original path and into politics. The question of when corruption began in what is the oldest existing political party in the United States the Democratic Party and can be traced back to the party’s origin and heritage.


The Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican Party of the 1790s was known as the party of the “common man”. The early Democratic Party stood for individual rights, state sovereignty, and opposed banks and the abolition of slavery. Let that sink in!


During the 1832 – 1950s the Democrats usually bested the opposition Whig Party by narrow margins. In the Civil War era from 1860 to 1932 the Great Depression the Republican Party rose out of the Whig Party and was dominant in presidential politics. During this same period the Democrats proved more competitive with the Republicans in Congressional politics. The Democratic Party split between the Bourbon Democrats who represented the Eastern business interest; and the agrarian elements comprising of poor farmers in the South and West, beginning the progressive movement in the US. Beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 during the Great Depression the party’s progressive liberal policies and programs with the New Deal coalition combatted the emergency bank closings and the continuing financial depression since the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and later leading up to World War II. Democrats controlled the lower house of the Congress (Representatives) from 1930 until 1994 and the Senate for most of that same period, electing the Speaker of the House and the Representatives’ majority leaders/committee chairs along with the upper house of the Senate’s majority leaders and committee chairmen. Important Democratic progressive/liberal leaders included Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy who carried the flag for modern American liberalism. Democrats have also won five out of the last eleven presidential elections, but lost the Electoral College with Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.


The Democratic Party in Congress has opposed EVERY Republican president since Richard Nixon and the Congressional Black Caucus began blatantly boycotting of Republican presidential State of the Union speeches to Congress as a show of disrespect that continues with Donald Trump.


What I don’t understand is how Democratic states have negative cash flow issues at many levels. Schools and infrastructure repairs not made after federal funds have been acquired and money simply disappeared? Democratic states provide free housing, medical and money to illegal aliens then governors seeking more federal disaster funding to make up the gap? Those who question what happened to the money are shouted out as hate-mongers and racists for even asking.


The corruption is so widespread and common place in America so much that it is acceptable behavior. The media ignore reports of misappropriation of funds and mismanagement while running with fake news designed to place Republican politicians in a negative political light. Minorities are expected to eat, sleep and vote democrat or else. So how is it that the party of the “common man” has become the party that bullies and harasses the common man into submission for the sake of their votes? It is the Democratic Party that pushes the liberalism agenda where robbing Peter to pay Paul actually takes productivity away from both. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Democratic Party has become the poster child of corruption in government in America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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