A Case for Returning to Normal




A Case for Returning to Normal


We are at the very end of April and life as we knew it was torn asunder January 1st, (New Year’s Day) 2020 as a new invisible enemy was unleashed upon the world and we entered the era of Corona. What we knew or thought we knew could have filled a thimble. At first it looked like a simple distraction from the Congressional circus was announced in Washington.


Set to be the most important event in the history of the nation – The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump drew the focus of America toward the US Senate as the Trial phase was about to begin and an invisible enemy crept into the nation and around the world. Admittedly the world was dealing with a virtual unknown. At first there was shock as the great unknown spread across the globe. First recognized in December 2019 from an open meat market at Wuhan, China it was quickly labeled SARS-CoV-2 as the second Coronavirus. The SARS like virus was dubbed COVID-19 for the illness caused by human to human contact.


Panic mode set in as people feared the unknown and began panic buying of cleaning supplies, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Hospitals, medical professionals and governments were caught unprepared and storage supplies of Personal Protective Equipment were soon threatening to be exhausted.


As if a single hand went up, governments across the globe began to close their border and prepare for the projected onslaught of massive death and destruction thought to be coming. Initially schools and businesses were also closed and entire households were driven toward self-quarantine in what we now call “Stay-At-Home” orders issued at every level of every government.


While working to figure out how to best deal with this new pandemic factories, small businesses and individuals began working to manufacture hand sanitizer and PPE on a massive scale, never seen before except in time of war.


Health departments began modeling and predicting massive infections and historically high projected death tolls resulting from COVID-19 (Corona). In the US alone medical professionals were called into active service from our inactive reserves and emergency portable field hospitals were set up in various states with high population areas. Virus testing, treatment and contact tracing have begun.


After 60 days of self-isolation, social distancing and wearing protective face coverings we are becoming complacent in our little “safe zones”. What many of us are not doing is working. That means incomes have been drastically cut to zero and savings nest eggs are being depleted. On the national level stimulus checks are being sent to US taxpayers and businesses large and small are receiving government assistance.


States are slowly waking up to the need to get businesses open again and people back to work. Families have been relegated to online classes for students of all ages. Religious services are almost completely online. Work from home is encouraged for all businesses where practical.


What about the massive death totals that we were told would be happening? At first health officials were encouraging medical facilities to code all deaths as COVID, whether the primary or secondary cause. Several states decided to move COVID patients INTO select nursing homes resulting in undoubtedly higher mortality rates. State veterans homes were not immune as understaffed and an overabundance of infected COVID patients resulted in extremely high mortality.


There are independent and scientific medical data collections going on as we speak. Charts and graphs depict growing numbers of people tested, large amounts of people testing positive, yet proportionately smaller amount of COVID deaths. Compared to the flu (A & B) or just about any other type of mortality, COVID deaths are in fact minuscule. I don’t want to minimize any death, as each one is devastating for the families and loved ones left behind. What has not been said or made it into the headlines is that we as a nation have been driven by a spirit of fear; of the unknown or the unexpected. It is time to change directions. It is now time to return to normal. Go back not to business as usual, but to common sense living where everyone looks out for their neighbor, treating others with respect and standing up for the underdog. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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