Say No to MADE IN CHINA – Really?

No to Made in China



Say No to MADE IN CHINA – Really?


People say the CORONAVIRUS is the only thing that China has made that lasted. What about the Great Wall of China, I think it’s been around at least longer than the 2010 Karate Kid movie with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.


When I hear “Don’t buy it if it says “Made in China” I say – YEAH”! Then I chuckle to myself and say do they really know what they’re saying, probably not? I mean it sounds good and it will surely punish China for springing that nasty virus on us and on the world around us. However we don’t really know what or how much of a product is made in China now do we?


I liken it to holding a nail while someone else hits it with a hammer. Who’s really being punished the one steading the nail or holding the hammer?


Think about it.


We’ve come to realize that over a relatively short period of time our government has removed the requirement for country of origin on product labeling because it produces an unfair advantage for products produced in the USA over those made elsewhere.


Recently we’ve been made aware that China produces a huge quantity of our prescription medications and I don’t think it is stamped on each pill or packaging material either.


Go to your favorite store like Walmart, Target, K-Mart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or Dollar General and look to see how many products are made here in the good old USA? Let me know how that pans out for you? Try ordering something online and chances are it was imported from or ordered directly from factories in China.


Now we had this discussion several years ago about automobiles. We don’t yet import any from China, but we did from Japan for a long time. Now we manufacture many models right here in the USA with brand names like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Fiat and Mercedes. Trouble is many of them are assembled in Canada or Mexico too.


So if we want to protect ourselves from buying a Chinese made American flag we’d stand a better chance of looking for a snowball in the inferno of hades.  Don’t go through your house looking for Made in China or you’d probably just end up with an empty house.


I’d say do your due diligence and seek out products made in USA and begin replacing those made elsewhere, but take your time about it. It wasn’t that long ago when Made in USA wasn’t a good thing. Workers did only what was required to get a paycheck. Quality was not a priority. Look at the US Post Office or airline baggage handlers – how often do they misplace things or fail to deliver but still continue working there? Someone once said when you do a job make it good enough to put your name on it showing the world you’re proud of your work. Men have stamped their name on an idea well before it was trendy. Look around and tell me who knows the actual name of Inspector #12? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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