When is politics just too much?



When is politics just too much?


The great white hope of the Democratic Party is the persona of Joe Biden former Vice President, former Senator and lifelong Democrat from the great state of Delaware. His presidential campaign is based on hope and change. He hopes he will be reelected so he can change America back to the grandeur of the Obama presidency.


Grandpa Joe is demonstrating not his political prowess or his acute knowledge of world affairs but in my opinion clear signs of Alzheimer and advanced stage of dementia. He should be pulled aside by family, friends and medical professionals and protected, not put on a political stage and milked like a cow. This is clearly a case of elder abuse of the highest magnitude.


Politics breed strange bedfellows. Out of the abundance of Democratic hopefuls who each claimed to be “The Only One” qualified to beat President Donald Trump and take back the White House they are lined up behind the only one not to fold saying “Pick Me”! They have been exposed to political power and know that should they end up on the winning ticket it will be a short stretch to enact the 25th Amendment immediately after the inauguration of #46 for mental incompetency.


The Biden political legacy is that fraught with public displays of inappropriate behavior from a lifetime of public disservice. Keeping him in the political limelight is just plain wrong. Democratic Americans are like sheep heading to the slaughter house. They ignore the signs all around them as they feed upon the hatred of those who do not “follow the rules” of the Democratic Party. To all you Democrats who keep pouring gasoline on this bonfire I say SHAME, SHAME ON YOU! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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