Blame It On Corona



Blame It On Corona


Have you seen the reports of dairy farmers dumping milk, egg producing farms smashing eggs and vegetable farms plowing under their fields all because of COVID-19? It sounds unbelievable because when you go into the grocery store eggs and poultry are limited per purchase, pork and beef are as well and milk and vegetable prices are rather low for consumer purchases. That is going on not only here in the US but in Canada as well. So what’s going on? Who’s behind it?


Ranchers are being told to prevent cows from producing milk, reduce pig herds and more because of the Coronavirus is making it harder for farmers to sell their products. I’m no expert and neither are others who raise the question WHY?


Have people suddenly begun eating less? – I think not.


Are restaurants no longer preparing and serving meals? – Everywhere we have meals to go.


What about land prices? Is there a soon to be flood of small farms and ranches going under? If so who is standing in the wings waiting to snatch up these soon to be available properties?


What’s happening in Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia and throughout the civilized world?


First we have the Corona affecting virtually the entire world. Economies have shut down with few exceptions. In the US we have a nation that has been shut down and now state after state are starting to open up only to be faced with a lack of necessary food products. I’m not an alarmist but ALARM, ALARM, ALARM bells are going off in my head!


A recent report gave reference to a high percentage of stock shares of major meat processing plants are owned by China.


Let that sink in!


Americans have been pushed into a corner and soon it will be time to come out swinging. Am I ready? Are you ready?


China has leveraged itself into the European Union’s 5G market and that threatens our national security. The Defense Department is prepares to move Americas military intelligence assets away from the 5G foreign influence. We have 5G all over the place here at in the US, so does that mean that OUR 5G networks tie into those of China? Will pulling the plug on 5G result in a tremendous sucking sound as the internet goes down the vortex of a black hole?


We maybe should seriously begin looking at China and the origins of the SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) after all it all started with the Wuhan Virus, right? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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