How Different It Would Have Been?




How Different It Would Have Been



Life on the North American continent was drastically different than that of the old world continents of Africa, Asia and Europe (Great Brittan, Germany, France, and Italy).


Traveling by ship across the open seas in hopes of a better life or enduring the horrors of the slave ships only to be sold at auction for a life of slavery or manual labor and unending abuse define coming to America. In modern day America the expectations are the same, only the modes of travel differ. Rarely does anyone travel across oceans by ship, unless it’s a cargo ship or a cruise liner.


What if our founding fathers had acted differently? Would we even be here today? Would we truly be one nation united under God, a light beckoning the world to come?


Congress proclaimed The Star Spangled Banner the U.S. National Anthem in 1931.



Maybe our National Anthem could have been something like this?



Oh say can’t you see there’s a virus near me,

I must stay in my home and watch the news on TV.


To tell me when it’s safe,

To go outside or to the store.


I need toilet paper and hand sanitizer,

TV dinners are fine.

Don’t need milk, eggs or meat,

We never learned how to cook.


Social distancing while wearing masks,

And gloves all the time is a must.


I’m cowering and scared in my basement,

In the land I’m afraid and fearful.


I know it seems ridiculous but our founding fathers and those who made this great nation did not come here haphazardly or willy-nilly. Where free or slave all came here for the purpose of creating a nation like no other on earth.


Their purpose was clear to work hard and freely worship the God of the Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was no easy task. Nothing was free. It was an unthinkable journey with no idea of expectations of what lay ahead. They gave up everything for the idea of freedom. Every generation had its trials and tribulations to endure. Wealthy became even wealthier while the poor remained poor; Kings became slaves.


It was often a battle where the have nots taking from the haves and it remains true today. Our nation was founded on a constitution that was based upon principals of the bible with the idea that all men are created equal by a supreme creator.  It hasn’t always been easy because men set themselves up as more learned or more important. Maybe they think they have more and that equates to being better. It does not.


God has blessed this land and the people who come here. Over time the technical advances can only be attributed to a loving and patient God. When trials come it is God who makes a way through them. Man has but two choices to accept God or reject him? Life is hard, but it is much harder without God. We are told that God works in mysterious ways. That is true. His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts greater than our thoughts. Sometimes God uses a hammer, other times he uses a nail.


I’ve often wondered if this COVID-19 is the hammer or the nail. How coincidental for a viral scare that encompasses the entire world in a matter of days with world economies shutting down as if a single entity is controlling it.


It has taken Christianity more than 2,000 years to spread around the world and I’m not sure that everyone has yet heard the good news that Jesus loves them?


What became a global pandemic was not so much the COVID-19 virus, but the panic buying of toilet paper! Within a matter of days the entire world seemed to be hoarding a relatively new invention used primarily in so called civilized nations. The real pandemic is the manipulation of people of every nation, tribe and creed using fear and intimidation.


We ae seeing political figures determining what businesses and who is essential. Those deemed not essential are closed down, people protesting are locked up while entire communities (cities, states and countries) are shuttered and told to remain indoors until further notice. Outside activities are banned. Leaving the house except for essentials (once again what or who determines what is essential) is prohibited.


People will only take so much before they rise up in rebellion. We are seeing that happening even now. Churches have been shut down worldwide. Recently they were declared essential by one political figure while other figures are threatening with arrests, fines and prison for religious gatherings.


We are told that only essential medical procedures are allowed, with restrictions. People are told they must stay home to be safe and when leaving home to “suit up” wearing masks and gloves and stay at least 6 feet away from others is the only way to stop the spread or flatten the curve or kill the virus. The problem with that is it makes no scientific or medically based sense.


The COVID-19 virus is one that inhibits the red blood cells from carrying oxygen throughout the blood stream. It seems to be spread by human to human contact such as sneezing, thus wearing masks. The virus can be killed by heat and light (even ultraviolet light), so why not place ultraviolet lights at the entrances of business establishments?


If being outside breathing fresh air is best, why wear a mask while hiking, walking or driving a car? Being told to social distance but not allowed to naturally social distance in parks or mountains, lakes and streams make no sense.


The practices dictated by those in authority are not always the best. The prolonged wearing of masks risks the breathing of carbon dioxide. The prolonged wearing of gloves without decontaminating between handling items only spreads any germs or virus already on the items. Staying at home causes depression and is now becoming a growing cause of suicide.  The cure is truly become worse than the virus.


I wonder how many of those demanding that everyone stay home or businesses remain closed are actually relying on their own personal savings to survive. How many are business owners? How many are working from home with a salary and a paycheck coming in for their efforts? How many of them consider themselves non-essential? Or do they rely on a government stimulus check or other assistance funds?


That being said it is time to open the country back up. Get small businesses running; farmers and ranchers operating and selling their produce and cattle; processing plants running and let us get back to living our lives without fear of what might be? Stop political fear mongering and return common sense to America and the world. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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