For Your Safety We Are Closed



For Your Safety We Are Closed


I ran to the store and couldn’t help but see signs everywhere, Sorry for the inconvenience but for your safety this and that is closed until further notice. I expected to see it on the bathroom doors as well but their sign is “In Use” in red letters, when available it’s Green. We are conditioned at an early age to obey the signs. They are everywhere. Remember “Keep off the Grass” well luckily for Colorado that doesn’t apply anymore unless you’re underage or driving.


Facebook has their signs and I’m sure we’ve all seen them or gotten one or two for something we posted that measure up to snuff with the FB Polizi. Lately it’s the politically correct (PC) police who spot a word group that they think is inappropriate so they block or cover it up (for your protection).


Before all the hubba-hubba over the virus I used to get a kick out of Falling Rocks Ahead or Game Crossing but hey they never said which game? Reminds me of the lady who called the 911 and asked for the deer crossing sign to be moved so the deer would have a safer place to cross.


Now we are to believe that social distancing (unsocially distanced) is how we are to proceed through life – no touchy feely anymore. We are social people by design. It is our nature to be hands on, so long as our hands are on the right thing and for the right reason.


There was a farmer who had a sign posted “Do Not Cross”. It seems the government man came along and started climbing through the fence anyway.


The farmer called out “I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”


The government man kind of got his feathers ruffled up and said “I’m a government man and I go where and when I please.”


As the government man started walking across the pasture the old farmer called out, “I hope you can outrun the bull.”


I don’t remember if he did or not, but what you don’t see can hurt you.


Signs are made for a variety of reasons. Some are informative; others cautionary and still others are just funny signs. I used to see the old Burma Shave signs along the highway out west, but don’t know if any have survived over the years. They might not be politically correct.


If you’re not careful that Slippery When Wet sign will do wonders with your acrobatic skills.


I’ve been all around the world and many signs are not in English, yet the translation can make you smile or really crack you up. One of the funniest at the time was seeing a VW beetle decked out as a police car in Panama. I really laughed at that, only to find out the radio is faster than a speeding car. He who laughs usually gets a ticket.


During this safe at home campaign in Colorado even that can be a bit hairy. So many times do we see a picture or story about the driver who parked his car in somebody else’s house? Literally drove right into the wall and often a bedroom where a child was sleeping. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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