My Look at CHAZ

CHAZ - Seattle 2020



My Look at CHAZ


Whether its European roots or the great American spirit this experiment of Autonomy playing out in Seattle and other cities across the nation lead me to believe that people actually believe the video game of building your own city transitions into real life. The undercurrent coming out of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon for many years has been one of resistance and rebellion and there are no winners or losers just collateral damage.


Coming from the Pacific Northwest I understand to some extent the desire for a place where I call the shots and make my own rules. Like many I’ve purchased a home on a small piece of America and have the right to do what I want on my property. I have a fenced in backyard, a workshop and a man cave – I’m living the American Dream.


What I don’t understand why these wanna be autonomous people did not go to some nearby ghost town or island where they could set up shop or “play” at building their own country and invite likeminded folks to settle with them? The catalyst seemed to be the Black Lives Matter movement ignited by the events of Minneapolis and quite possibly their involvement in the civil unrest that resulted.


They have staked claim on a portion of downtown Seattle under the blessing of Mayor Durkan who acts like they’re just energetic little kids blowing off steam. Many of the issues they have with living under American rule seem to be no walls, no rules we want only fools. Inside that “autonomous zone” called CHAZ are the homes and businesses of Americans whose lives have been hijacked against their will. Without any thought of sustainment the CHAZIANS have erected hasty fences, secured entry points with armed guards and graffiti warriors turning Seattle into a ghetto zone. People entering must present photo ID while police and first responders are banned.


Should the Seattle city government, the state of Washington or the Federal Government decide to recognize the succession of a seven-block area in the heart of the city there would be immediate changes to the scenario. All public services would be cut off – electricity, gas, water, phone and internet and there would be no medical, fire or sanitation services and both food and water delivery would cease. CHAZ would become an isolated island and as I alluded to earlier it is totally unsustainable.


The responsible action for the US government would be to begin constructing a permanent wall around the area, establish an immigration entry point and begin the process of revoking the US citizenship of CHAZIAN residents or to ring the zone with federal agents and begin the process of apprehending and arresting the ringleaders, agitators and active participants and arranging for speedy trials before lengthy prison sentences. Which do you really think would be the course of action?


If you think today’s actions are reminiscent of the Civil War you’d be wrong. Today’s dissidents are not staking claim to their own property in declaring their sovereignty. They are by all respects home invaders and thugs taking by force property of others against their will. They could be charged with unlawful imprisonment, grand theft and destruction of private and public property as well as assault on any individual hurt or injured by their actions.


They are not wayward children expressing anger as they have taken over the playground. They are not freedom fighters standing up to an oppressive government. They are juveniles acting without planning or thinking it through to a logical conclusion. Their best option at this point is to give it up and go back home to mommy’s basement and restart their video game. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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