Like Ravenous Wolves




Like Ravenous Wolves


Acts 13:44-45

On the next Sabbath almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord. When the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with jealousy and talked abusively against what Paul was saying.


As I was reading this morning’s devotional I thought about Congressional Democrats and the way they have chosen to respond to the presidency of Donald Trump. It was like history repeating itself. I guess that happens when one doesn’t learn from it or maybe it’s when someone becomes extremely jealous of the popularity and fame of another.


Webster’s Dictionary defines jealous as: “envious; fearful of competition; and protective.”


It seems to me that the entire body of Congress has tried to distance themselves from newly elected President Trump because they feared he was a flash-in-the-pan entertainer who wasn’t a politician and would fail as president. His popularity with Middle American “Deplorables” brought out the worst of the Democratic Party and exposed the RINO’s of the Republican Party for what they truly are – wolves in sheep’s clothing.


The 2016 campaign season introduced Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to the nation at large. His entertainment style campaign rallies energized an often forgotten and overlooked part of the nation. That should have been expected as Trump is quite the entertainer. Yet nobody took him serious as a politician.


When President Trump entered the world stage he was treated with respect by world leaders, while at home American politicians were still trying to adjust to the election as they instantly began plotting on how to take down this president.


Like ravenous wolves they have tried every trick in the book from leaking dirty little secrets, exposing past prejudices and worldly behavior to more serious manufacturing lies, falsehoods and even threats against the Trump family and against his very life. Everything that would sink a political head-of-state or a lifelong politician, yet try as they might everything has failed. Not for the lack of trying, but because they refuse to acknowledge who is in control.


From the onset of his administration President Trump has held up the Constitution as the rule of law. He has continually reminded Congress that their constitutional responsibilities take precedence over personal preferences or petty differences. Over the past 4 years I have watched as Congressional Republicans and even Democrats have begun warming up to Trump’s leadership style and begun pushing much of his agenda.


However Congressional Democrats have stubbornly clung to the belief that they and they alone are solely competent to govern without the advice or consent of the people or the president. When challenged to reform immigration, beginning with DACA they stubbornly refused. When challenged to protect our borders they pushed for open borders instead. When challenged to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a more effective and affordable alternate they simply ignored and would not budge.


As President Trump reached out establishing a dialog between world leaders Congressional Democrats sought to undermine him with public statements fabricated with lies and falsehoods. I have listened and read statements that twist and turn every word out of the president’s mouth or his tweets.


I say to myself that had Congress as a whole set out to support this President as he pushed for regulation and reform in government how much better our nation would be as a whole, yet the rebellion continues.


In my opinion it is simple jealousy of a man so popular with mainstream Americans who flock to his rallies by the thousands. Each one sold out to overflowing crowds. So much is the jealousy of Congressional Democrats that many sought to oppose him in the presidential race, but ended up back in Congress pushing their own agendas.


The first portions of Webster’s Dictionary definition of “envious; fearful of competition” fit Congressional Democrats perfectly as they want the popularity and favor of the American people but have yet to realize that it comes willingly from the hearts and minds of people who are proudly referred to as “Americans”.


The Democratic way has been rooted in threats and intimidation to conform or else. Those who dare to think outside the Democratic way are simply wrong and not fit to think differently. Those who walk away from the party of the people (party of doing to the people) are publicly chastised and shamed for their disloyalty.


Loyalty and respect go both ways and voters are seeing that Trump rallies are fun and vibrant with a man who loves this country and is not afraid to say so. He respectfully calls you friends and fellow Americans while poking fun at those pesky “do nothing Democrats” in Congress demand compliance and only want your vote.


Like him or hate him – with Trump there is no middle ground. What you see is what you get! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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