Democrats the Party of Hate




Democrats the Party of Hate


In today’s volatile state of affairs it’s hard to imagine how the new Progressive Democratic Party can openly embrace domestic terrorism. We have watched as state and local Democrats have walked arm in arm with peaceful protestors while failing to condemn the violent rioting, looting, burning and killing of Americans. On the national level Congressional Democrats simply blame it on President Trump. What I don’t understand is how Democratic voters either stick their heads in the sands of denial or ignore the elephant in the room? That elephant is Democratic Racism.


The social injustice of police brutality resulting in the murder of George Floyd brought the community together as one. America was shocked! It was an opportunity for action and domestic terrorist groups were prepped and readily sprang into action. They converged on Minneapolis like the plague. It was not a spontaneous response, but a well planned and executed plan of organized chaos. As community lead marches protesting this man’s death began, so did the hijacking of those marches turning them into deadly violent riots.


Did the Mayor of Minneapolis or the Governor of Minnesota stand up and make a statement of community support or publically condemn the violence. Did they identify and hold accountable the officer(s) involved in this public execution of a private citizen? No they did not. But did they rally law enforcement or activate the National Guard? No, they condoned the violence by their silence then painted all members of law enforcement by an erroneous broad-brush. They caved in to appease the terrorists at the expense of many American lives, homes and businesses. Rioting turned into burning and looting and nobody in authority stood up to stop it.


Emboldened by the lack of response marches, riots and looting took hold in cities across the nation. Soon terrorists were declaring sections of American cities as autonomous zones, much like the sanctuary cities and states that we’ve seen created across the nation.


As expected Congressional Democrats began voicing not their disdain for the violence committed against American citizens, but their accusations of mishandling this violence by the current administration. They attempted to blame and transferred their inaction to the President.


As the violence increased and businesses and churches burned, statues vandalized and toppled over, Congressional Democrats placed their own stamp of approval on it, making themselves complacent. Next were calls to defund the police and shut down the police which became major political talking points across the nation by politicians at every level.


As the violence continued President Trump urged mayors and governors to stop violence and bring it under control. He offered federal help and resources, but was turned down by many governors who said they didn’t need it. Other states and cities requested and received National Guard support.


While the violence continues Americans are dealing with the national response to the COVID-19 shutdown and watching as governors who took little to no action against rioters and looters still attempt to force Americans to stay home and wear masks or face stiff penalties. How can that stand? It cannot and should not be allowed to continue and in this election year it will be the voters who decide if politics as usual will continue. Democrats are the party of mobs, while Republicans are the party of jobs. Which do you prefer a handout or a hand up? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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