When Buying a Doorbell Camera

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When Buying a Doorbell Camera


Not too long ago I was in COSCO and they had a special on a Ring Doorbell Camera which I almost purchased but at the last minute changed my mind.


A couple of weeks later I decided to go for it but the COSCO deal was gone so I decided to search online for an affordable doorbell camera. There are lots of choices out there and I knowingly chose an off brand camera using Amazon.


#1 – Arrived very quickly and I set it up easily, then had it mounted outside the front door and hooked to the doorbell wires to keep it charged. This device included 2 rechargeable batteries, mounting hardware and a user instruction manual. It has an app that works on the iPhone, but no software for Windows 10 desktop. I discovered an issue with the wire to the doorbell and worked hard to determine whether it was in the doorbell, the wire or the device?


I decided to enhance my device with a wireless doorbell chime that came rather quickly from Amazon, but was for Chinese electrical outlets. I quickly ordered an adapter on Amazon that converted it to US standards. I got everything in, setup and working but still had the issue with the wire. Without it being plugged in to the doorbell wire it worked fine; a little bit of a hesitation in movement, but workable.


To be absolutely certain it was the wire I decided to order another device but still not wanting to spend a lot I did a Google search and found an advertisement for a Ring Doorbell #1 at a reasonable price.


#2 – Took a bit longer to arrive and when I opened the package it was a very nice doorbell camera, but not a Ring. It was a bit larger than #1, used the same software, but came without batteries (I had to buy a couple of 3.7v rechargeable batteries). I contacted the company to get a return authorization and return shipping label. I was told they wouldn’t do returns as their warehouse was in China but when I used it I would like it because it was a very good device. I decided against returning it and wanted to see how well it would work. I discovered that #1 & #2 both used the same software as they were both made in China (Surprise, Surprise). I found that this device hooked to the wire had the same issue like feedback at the doorbell begin to hummm softly then a quiet pop or ding. This would happen all night long and made it hard to stay asleep.


#3 – I found an actual refurbished Ring Doorbell Camera #1 on Amazon. After getting it setup, while looking on the back was also made in China (another surprise)? Hooking up the wire had the same problem as #1 & #2. I ordered a solar charging back plate for it and decided not to bother with the doorbell wire. With Ring I have a desktop app and an iPhone app that works for me when it wants to.


I’m usually a hard learner that spends more money and wastes more time trying to save a buck.


You usually get what you pay for.


If you know someone whose looking for an affordable doorbell camera or two at a great price I might know a guy……….I am The Real Truckmaster!




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