Is Black Lives Matter Really Legit?




Is Black Lives Matter Really Legit?


Just a quick note – Last night (7-22-2020) I saw the interview on Shannon Breen’s show on Fox. She interviewed the founder of Black Lives Matter Utah (can’t remember her name) and Senator Lee (R). They were discussing the bill Senator Tim Scott (R) attempted to get voted on but it was blocked by Senate Dems. The interview focused on law enforcement reforms that are perceived as needed nationwide and repeatedly the BLM lady kept saying she was hopeful that after 6 years now people are having the hard talks on racism. She urged Congress to pass a reform bill and urged Republicans to come to the table. This all sounded reasonable and positive. However one thing sorely missing in this interview was a representation from Senate Democrats? Why were there not folks from both sides of the isle? So why was her plea only to Republicans?


Another “elephant in the room” that was not discussed was how the nationwide rioting and vandalism in the name of BLM was not condemned or even mentioned by anyone on the program?


I’m no Einstein but how can you truly have police reform without addressing the punitive side of lawbreaking (vandals, rioters, looters and murderers)? We have state and federal laws that are selectively enforced or ignored by citizens and elected officials alike. Why not address the other side of the coin?


If we are to take Black Lives Matter serious their method of means justify the ends doesn’t hold water. When you profess to seek change to the system it is not through demands, but with reformative change recommendations. You have a list of grievances and a list of recommendations to be discussed by both sides. If one side or the other has a hidden agenda and/or refuses to participate in open discussions there can be no negotiation.


You most certainly do not employ or allow any other entity to hijack your agenda with unlawful conduct and expect to be seen as separate from it. When it happens you must come out strongly and forcefully against the lawless behavior and actions being committed in your name or you own it.


This is just my opinion but BLM should rethink their banner and their image. A black in your face fist is not a sign of respect but one of defiance. Had my kids or grandkids come to me with a raised fist, they would have lost the fight without every saying a word and left with a sore hinny.


In my 70 years I have always see myself as who I really am. A man with a family to support and now with grandkids and great-grandkids I am proud of. I have taught them to love God, our family and honor our country with its symbols, customs and traditions. Treat everyone with respect and how you want to be treated. As a multi-cultural family I want them to know and understand their heritage and where our family came from.


If you want to be seen and treated equally as a man or woman you must come as an equal; act as an equal and see yourself as an equal. When you see yourself as a victim or as a hyphenated American you are placing yourself at a disadvantage from the start.


Do we need police reform? Yes – most definitely, but true reform comes by honoring and obeying the Rule of Law which in the United States is the Constitution. Willful violation of the law is criminal and subject to arrest and prosecution, as it should. Willful misconduct by law enforcement is equally criminal. It must be dealt with swiftly and fairly under the law, not tolerated, hidden or swept under the proverbial rug.


Lastly, do Black Lives Matter – of course they do. All lives matter. Baby lives matter. We are one people united in purpose to see that every life is treated equally and fairly under the law as stated in the Constitution of the United States. I am the Real Truckmaster!


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