Cause and Effect of the Coronavirus in America




Cause and Effect of the Coronavirus in America


Do you remember when we first learned about the dreaded Wuhan-Virus a number of things began to take place?


  • First was a worldwide shortage of toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies
  • Next there was a worldwide supply shortage causing farmers, ranchers and processing plants to become unable to meet the demand from eggs, milk, pork, beef and who knows what else
  • Farmers and ranchers were told to slaughter their livestock, dump their milk and eggs onto the ground as it was too costly
  • We were told that worldwide hospital ERs were being overwhelmed and portable hospitals began to be deployed to places like Seattle, Chicago, New York City and other places across the nation
  • We were told there were non-existent or insufficient stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals across the nation
  • We were then told that no ventilators could be found and they were critical for life-saving treatment
  • We were told there was no vaccine or medicine to treat this COVID-19
  • We were told that if you became infected it was fatal
  • Then came the lockdowns, stay safe at home to flatten the curve
  • No going outside, no visitations in hospitals, nursing homes and care centers
  • No church gatherings, services and no funerals
  • Self-Isolate and wear a mask, hospital gloves and gowns
  • Businesses were considered essential (liquor stores, pot shops, big box stores & home supply stores) could open with limitations
  • Businesses considered non-essential (hair and nail salons, massage parlors, churches, mom & pop stores, exercise centers, swimming pools, beaches, hiking trails and national parks) were closed
  • Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak were the miracle drug that reversed the effects of the virus almost immediately or within 24 hours
  • Once it was announced that President Trump was taking the HCQ + Z it suddenly became an ineffective and lethal medication
  • President Trump’s political rallies would endanger hundreds of people who don’t wear masks and don’t do social distancing
  • Public gatherings could not exceed 100 persons provided they wore facemasks and social distanced 6 feet apart, protests and riots were exempt from these mandates
  • The latest is a nationwide coin shortage, stores are not receiving their coin shipments, banks do not have adequate supplies of coins and shoppers are being urged to roundup to help the needy or use plastic
  • The CDC has been collecting data on COVID-19 infections, deaths and hopefully recovery, but somehow the data became contaminated or grossly mislabeled and is considered useless


Is it me or does anybody else see a pattern here? Because this is an election year and we are now just over 100 days until the November 3, 2020 presidential election we are hearing politicians in full panic mode as they have no idea how to react.


For the past 2 months we have been seeing protest marches, violent rioting, burning, looting and killings in cities across the nation that resemble third world countries. What have we heard from members of congress, state and local officials? Trump is to blame. There is no accountability for the actions of the violent few. Law Enforcement has been hog-tied by their political bosses as evil reigns in city after city.


I don’t care if you’re a democrat, republican, independent or a speckled ostrich if you do not recognize what has been happening all around this country you are part of the problem. Maybe you are the problem because it was you a registered voter who either voted blue or not at all in past mid-term and presidential elections yet is everyone else to blame?


This country is in the midst of a very uncivil war with one side street fighting, no rules and no holds barred while the other side sticks their heads in the sand hoping it will just go away. Which side are you on?


This land is our land. This country is our country. Red, White or Blue – We are America. It is time to drive the domestic terrorists from our midst. They seek to divide and destroy. We seek to unite. There can be no coexisting with those determined to pull us asunder. Either we stop them or it will get much worse.


If you’re a praying person who believes in the power of prayer and that God is fully in control, now is the time to humble yourself and pray for God’s grace and his guidance during these troubling times. Pray over our nation, our leaders and pray for our enemies. Let God be God now and every day. – Amen! I am the Real Truckmaster!



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