Choices, Choices, Choices




Choices, Choices, Choices


It’s Saturday morning  as I think about what’s been said about money making the world go round, but I say that choices keep us guessing and constantly on our toes. When you wake up in the morning, do you get out of bed on the left side or the right side? Which foot touches the ground first? Does it matter? Do you put on shirt, pants or socks first? How about shoes, left foot or right foot first?


When choosing a breakfast meal, do you want cereal? What kind of cereal? Do you want milk and sugar? How about toast, wheat or white bread? Do you want pancakes, buttermilk, butter, syrup or honey?  Would you like a fruit bowl or applesauce? Maybe some juice, apple or orange? Coffee, strong, medium, weak, black or with cream and sugar – how many?


We have conditioned ourselves to make life so complicated and it doesn’t have to be. Many times I may skip breakfast or grab a slice of leftover pizza and eat it cold (I can have if finished before the microwave has time to heat it up) it’s no big deal.


When going to work do we walk, ride a bike or drive? What route do we use, old established or new one? Do we park near the entrance or far away from it? Do we bring our lunch or plan on take out? Do we eat alone or with friends or coworkers? After work do we take the same route home?


While at home do we sit down for supper together with family or eat alone? Do we read a book? Do we watch television alone or with family? Do we socialize with neighbors or not?


Every aspect of our lives is made up of choices. Even shopping is it Walmart, King Sooper or Safeway? Who has the best prices or more selections? Which one is closer? Is closer better and why? When is a better time to shop?


I seldom go to Starbucks because of the choices? When I do ask for coffee I order regular brewed. And still they ask, fill it up or save room for creamer?


Sometimes I just want to open the cupboard and eat what’s on the shelf. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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