When Trump Divided America

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When Trump Divided America


You should know by now where my loyalties lay. I’ve written many a blog supporting President Trump and criticizing Congressional Democrats and Republicans and their media lackey’s for what they have done or more importantly what they failed to do when they had the opportunity to do good for our country.


To put things into perspective I am a conservative and for a very long time a disillusioned Republican long before the Tea Party. I voted Republican primarily because I saw nothing in either party that stirred my soul or sparked my interest since Ronald Reagan.


I voted for GHW Bush and although I didn’t agree with everything he said or did he was the lessor of two evils running for the presidency at the time. Being active duty I had little time to think about who to vote for or what platform they stood on. I was finishing up a career in the army when Desert Shield and then Desert Storm began. I anticipated being called back to active duty, but the war was over so quickly. Shock and Awe!


WJ “Bill” Clinton was a slap in the face and initially I couldn’t see how God could allow him to win the election. I learned to trust God and saw that Americans wanted what they wanted and in my opinion God let them have their way. How could a draft dodger rise to a state attorney general, become governor and then into the White House? The attack at Oklahoma City happened and what was the presidential response? You tell me? WJ Clinton was a good old boy, loved to talk and had a way with words and women. Remember Paula Jones and the intern? It is how God works, patiently and to achieve HIS purpose.


When GW Bush won the presidency I knew nothing much about him. People falsely called him a draft dodger because of his service as a pilot in the Air National Guard. They were wrong. Soon after taking office this president was tested like no other president since FDR. The infamous 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and possibly the White House changed life as we knew it in America. The War on Terror began with Bush saying, “either you are with us or against us” as we plunged headlong into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The media began their routine of blaming Bush.


It set the stage for a Democratic victory in the 2008 election and just as Senator Hillary Clinton was to begin celebrations at the DNC convention, she was upstaged by newcomer Senator Barack Obama who took the nomination out from under her, and then the presidency over Republican Senator John McCain. Before she had time to pout Obama used the tactic of bribery by nominating her as his Secretary of State. She had no choice but to tout the party line, his party line until things got a bit out of hand and we had the 9/11 Benghazi debacle among other things. By 2015 it was once again Hillary’s turn and she had it all sewn up to take the nomination and then the presidency.


Enter political newcomer Donald Trump, who overpowered the entire Republican lineup and then the presidency taking the spotlight off Hillary just as she was set to celebrate (see a pattern here)? What happened next has never been seen before in American politics. It started after the election and as Democratic legislators boycotted the inauguration of the 44th President and merely 19 minutes after the inauguration the announcement by the media that the Impeachment process had begun.


Read this article posted on Facebook and think about her questions which haven’t covered the events of 2020. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/RealTrumpNation/posts/2339785952819202 and I give credit where credit is due to Deena Loveland who posted her writing on Trump Nation’s FB page.


It raises some really good questions which I may include some of them in this article, but I have questions of my own which I have been asking for the past 4 years.


When did Trump divide the nation? Was it when he said he was going to drain the swamp?

Maybe it was when he said he was going to build the wall?

Or it could have been calling out corrupt politicians as “do nothing” Democrats?


Of all the events of the past 4 years it is those of the past 7 months that are most troubling. Democratic controlled cities and states have been run into the ground by successively failed leadership. California, Oregon and Washington states have home grown domestic terrorists taking political advantage of protests, thereby turning them into full-fledged war zones. Seattle’s Black Lives Matters and autonomous zones called CHAZ or CHOP; Portland’s Antifa gangs who rallied in a heartbeat to Minneapolis to stoke the fires of racial division and chaos.


The inaction of failed political leadership has created unsafe living conditions for thousands of residents of cities across the nation springing up out of the unrestrained political chaos. All while Americans are restricted in their own homes while mayors and governors send LEOs to root out those who refuse to wear facemasks, while letting the rioting mobs roam freely. Cities like NYC have a catch and a no bond release in effect. Before the paperwork is completed lawbreakers are back on the streets committing more crimes against the unsuspecting public.


Political power has further corrupted the most corrupt legislators in the nation as they jockey for political position in their quest to replace President Trump in 100 days.


So tell me again when was it EXACTLY when Trump divided America? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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